Learn About Dermatology: How it Started and the Advancements we Witness Today


Learn About Dermatology: How it Started and the Advancements we Witness Today

The world is advancing, and every day something is unfolding that is taking us into the future. Today science and technology have reached a point that it was once believed as only a dream. Every field of science and technology is advancing, and the field of dermatology is advancing as well. 

In the past, dermatology was the only term which meant to learn about skin and to treat it. But now the perspective has been changed. Now, if someone asked what dermatology is? The answer he will get is. 

Dermatology is considered as the field of science that deals with the research, study, diagnose, identify, and treat any disorder or condition that has occurred on skin, hair, and nails. Not only that, but dermatology also offers various surgical and non-surgical procedures skin treatment, clinical dermatology treatment, laser skin treatment, microblading for eyebrows and many more, for people who want to improve in their appearance. 

History of Dermatology 

 So, how was it all started, what is the history of dermatology? Well is no solid proof of how dermatology practice had started in the past. Even part of the world has its history, but the earliest written document that has been found dermatology is from Egypt, and they are dated around 1500 BC. These documents are called Ebers Papyrus, and they contain information regarding skin disorders like rashes, tumors, and ulcers along with the medical procedure and treatment to cure them. 

  • In 1572, Geronimo Mercuriali had finished his book called “De Morbis Cutaneis,” which means “On the Diseases of the Skin,” in Italy. This book became the first-ever scientific work that is dedicated to dermatology. 
  • Many people believe that Jean Astruc, who had lived in the 1600 and 1700s, was the founder of modern-day dermatology. Some evidence has been found that indicates that Jean Astruc was working on new methods and technologies to improve dermatology practices. 
  • Francesco Bianchi, in 1799 had written his book called “Dermatologia,” and even today, that book is considered as the first-ever dermatology handbook. Also, the book is regarded as a complete textbook that has been written for medical students on dermatology. 
  • In 1801, a school called “Hospital Saint-Louis” was established in Paris. That school was regarded as the first-ever school that is dedicated to dermatology. That school had also helped in building the foundation of the modern-day medical school system. After that, books by Willan, 1798-1808, and Alibert, 1806-1814 were also published and were available for everyone to read and study. 
  • After the foundation of modern-day dermatology was established by Hospital Saint-Louis, new revolutions started in the field, and in 1889 the first-ever Congress of Dermatology was held in Paris. That event was attended by doctors and physicians from all over the world. 
  • That event aimed to introduce dermatology to the world and to give the knowledge of dermatology to everyone. This event started a new revolution, and in 1935, in the summit of Budapest, the “International League of Dermatology Society” was formed. In 1987, the “International Foundation for Dermatology” was formed, which from that point, worked on behalf of The “ILDS.” The aim of IFD was to educate and train people about dermatology and to spread awareness about the topic. 
  • In 1990, the “Regional Dermatology Training Center” was established in Tanzania. This training center introduced training programs for people who are interested in building a carrier in dermatology. And after that, 12 more centers were established all over the globe.  

New Advancements in the Field of Dermatology 

  • Electronic Medical Records- 

Electronic Medical Records or EMR is a software platform that had helped not only dermatology but every field of medical science. With the help of EMR, we can enter data in a cloud system, and then that data can be shared through the internet to near any part of the world. It has been helping people to maintain and transfer their medical history whenever they need it. It also helped the doctors to study and prescribe treatment to their patients according to their medical history.   

  • Teledermatology- 

Teledermatology is a platform that helped people in the transfer of the data that had been stored in the cloud system through the Electronic Medical Record system. In teledermatology, communication can be an audio, video, or data communication depending on the information that has been sharing. The most effective use of teledermatology is to consult the people from the backward regions where they can’t actually go to visit a dermatologist. Through teledermatology, it has become easy to consult with a doctor without even meeting them face to face. 

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