Excessive Hair Breakage

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Excessive Hair Breakage Treatment

Have you been trying to grow your hair, but seem to have no luck with it? Does your hair tend to break off after growing to a certain length? Does the condition of your hair upset you? Yes? Well, maybe it is you, upsetting your hair, causing them to break, the good relation they shared with you.


Hair Breakage Causes and Prevention

Hair breakage occurs due to many causes, most of them related to your life style. Improper diet, exposing hair to chemical treatments, heat and styling, putting up tight hairstyles such as ponytails, braids and buns, over washing your hair and drying them the wrong way or overbrushing your hair; can cause the hair to become brittle and dry and lead to breakage. Many times, we do not get our hair trimmed because we want it to grow. However, not getting regular trims causes your hair to split and break. Your whole purpose of not getting a haircut or a trim will get reversed, making your hair weaker by the day.

There are also some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism (a condition where the thyroid gland secretes less thyroid) and eating disorders that can damage the health of your hair and cause them to break.

All these hair conditions are distressing and make us to stress about it. But wait, that is just adding up to your problem. Stress is one major reason for hair breakage. It can make your hair follicle and hair cuticles go dormant and your hair may fall off soon. So, one very important thing to keep in mind to prevent hair breakage is to not let any kind of stress build up in your mind.

Other ways to prevent hair breakage are to make a few life style changes. You must make sure to have a proper, balanced diet, containing food items rich in protein, omega-3s, biotin and zinc. Also get the proper way to brush your hair. Brushing your hair way too often, especially when they are wet will make you see hair on your hairbrush. You must brush your hair only as much as needed for styling them. And when it comes to styling your hair, never expose them to too much heat. Dryers, straighteners and curlers do wonders for the appearance of your hair, but they can contribute equally in destroying that appearance all together. Its good to keep their use to minimal.

You can also make changes in your hair care routine to prevent hair breakage. There are many shampoos that are alkaline and these have negative effect on your hair. These shampoos create a negative charge in your hair which causes friction between the hair strands and cause them to break. So, choose your hair care products very carefully with diligence. You must choose neutral, pH balanced shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair in good health.

The way you dry your hair after shampooing also determines your hair health. Rubbing your hair with a towel is a big no-no. You can wrap up your hair in an absorbent towel or let it dry naturally. You can also try air drying instead of blow drying.


Types of Hair Breakage Treatments

These are some measures to prevent your hair from breaking, but if these measures do not help, you must call in your dermatologist for a treatment. Hair breakage if left untreated for long will lead to hair fall and other hair problems. It is better to control it in initial stages. There are various treatments that can be considered.


Keratin Treatment

Keratin protein, which keeps your hair lustrous is added to your hair to prevent hair damage.


Biotin Treatment

Biotin supplements keep your hair healthy and helps in producing keratin in your hair. Biotin is the most important nutrient required by the hair to stay strong and healthy. Biotin helps in strengthening the roots and is a very popular hair breakage solution.


Deep Conditioning

Dry hair falls more quickly because of lack of moisture. Conditioners provide that moisture to your hair and prevent them from breakage. Anti-Breakage Hair Masks can also be used to provide moisture to your hair and get them rid of any dryness and fizziness.


Other Treatments

Apart from the above-mentioned hair breakage treatments, there are many other treatments that use advanced technologies. If your hair breakage is because of any medical conditions, it is best for you to go to your dermatologist and he will provide you with what is best for you.

We offer all these treatments using the most advanced technologies that cause minimal side-effects. All the treatments we provide are always result-oriented, give best results and keep you satisfied. So, treat your hair with us and don’t let long hair remain a far-off dream anymore.

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