Laser Treatment For Nail Infection

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Laser Treatment: Eliminate Nail Infections Painlessly with Lasers

Nails are not much noticeable parts of our bodies. We hardly look out and care for them. But an improper nail hygiene can cause nail infections, which are not only painful, but unhealthy as well. These nail infections can also pose some serious health issues.


Causes of Nail Infections

Nail infections are generally caused due to fungal or bacterial growth in the nails. These fungi grow in the damp and dark areas. So, walking around bare foot in damp places such as showers and locker rooms, sweat, wearing of unbreathable socks and shoes for long time periods can be some reasons for nail infections. Other reasons can be a compromised immune system, diabetes, poor blood circulation or other skin injuries and conditions.

The foot nails are more susceptible to infections than the finger nails, as we usually wear socks and shoes, which gives a place for growth to the fungus. Moreover, nail infections are more common in adults as they have more exposure to the fungi and bacteria and their immune systems are already compromised.


Symptoms of Nail Infections

The nail infections are highly visible, and they look very ugly. There can be discoloration in your nails, turning your nails yellow or brown. The nails will get thickened and brittle. Their shape can get distorted. Sometimes, the nails may also give out a foul odor.

All these nail infections can become severe if not treated timely. They may not be painful at first, but as the infection grows, it starts to pain. The infection can also spread to other parts of the skin. There are over the counter treatments and home remedies, but not to much avail. Thus, it is best to go for a professional treatment.


Treatment of Nail Infections

There are many oral and topical medications available for the treatment of nail infections. However, not everyone can take the oral medications because of their possible side-effects and reaction with other medications. Topical medications are effective, but they take a long time to show results. In such situation, the FDA has approved certain laser treatments that work like magic in treating nail infections.


How does Laser Treatment Work?

Laser treatments work by using heat to eliminate the nail infections. The laser device emits pulses that generate heat in the tissues that it contacts. This heat is absorbed by the fungal cells. As soon as this absorption happens, the laser starts exerting antifungal activities which kills the microbes and clears off the infection.

The procedure is very fast. Many times, patients usually get cleared off from the infection in one single session. However, it may require five to seven sessions at times, depending on the type and intensity of infection. The sessions are very short, usually of thirty minutes or less. The results start showing up with the first session itself, however the patient will have to wait for the new nail to completely grow to see the exact results.

The procedure is painless as well. The patient will not sense a thing, except for a comfortable heating sensation at the area of treatment. The laser used is of different wavelengths, and highly focused, so that it falls only on the affected skin and not on the surrounding parts of the skin.

Another advantage of laser treatment is that it penetrates beneath the nail, into the nail bed and clears off the infection in nail bed as well. This is not possible with topical treatments which work only on the surface and do not penetrate deeper, especially when the nail has become very thickened.

Laser treatments have entered as a new era of treatments for nail infections. Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic specializes in providing all these laser treatments using the best and latest technologies and equipments and providing the best results. With our years of experience, we provide the best skin, hair and nail solutions to our clients.

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