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Although our nails appear to be strong, they can be sensitive and might develop problems such as fungal nail infections and other nail diseases. However, we mostly ignore such problems, because they are generally painless and do not affect us much. But, in some instances, nail problems can be severe and must be treated promptly, especially when they become painful and every step you have taken to get rid of the problem has failed. In such a situation, a nail surgery becomes the best resort.


What is Nail Surgery?

Nail surgery is an easy procedure that can be performed in doctor’s clinic under local anesthetic. The doctor will numb the affected area and remove the nail or the part of nail which has developed the infection. An antibiotic cream and bandage will be applied to prevent any infections. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and you can resume your normal activities right after the surgery. It shall take some months for your nail to grow back. However, in some severe cases of infection, it becomes necessary for the doctor to remove the whole nail matrix which contains the cells for nail growth. If that is the case, your nail won’t grow back. Similar surgical procedure is used to treat Ingrown Toe Nail, about which you can read on our Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment Page, under the Nail Treatments Tab. You can also find more information about Nail Infections and its treatments in the same tab, under the heading Nail Infections.

We have the best treatments to offer you for your nail problems, so that you have well maintained, healthy nails!

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