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Hair Fall Treatment: Voluminous Hair Are No Longer A Dream!

We all love long, voluminous hair. The Rapunzel like feeling that such hair gives us, is so ecstatic. But, gradually with time, our hair start thinning and the once beautiful hair start becoming distressful. Every time you see someone with strong, healthy and voluminous hair, you go down the memory lane, and with a sigh you say, “I used to have such hair too”. Are you able to relate to the situation?


Causes of Hair Fall

Hair fall has become a very common problem today owing to a number of reasons. Most of the time, it is our lifestyle that affects us severely. We have become so busy and stressed, that we hardly give time to ourselves. So, the hair falls off from our head, because we are too busy giving that place to stress.

Smoking has become a swag and style statement today and people are aware about the harm it causes to the lungs. But there is one more thing it causes harm to. Yes, to your hair. Smoking and hair fall are very closely related. So, if you smoke, here is another reason for you to quit.

There are many drugs and treatments as well that include hair loss as a side effect. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy top the list. However, this is temporary, and your hair would eventually grow back within six to twelve months once you are done with the treatment.

You can also expect your hair to fall post pregnancy because of hormonal changes. Being on birth control or getting off birth control can also play with your hormones in ways that would lead to hair fall.

We all love styling our hair. But exposing the hair to too much heat or excessive use of technology like the dryers, straighteners and curlers on hair can also weaken the follicles and make them fall off from the scalp. Putting on very tight hairdos can also form a bald spot in your crown area.

So, these are some reasons because of which you might be experiencing thinning of your hair. However, 80 – 85% of our hair is always in growth stage, and normally some strands do fall off our head on a regular basis. So, if you find some strands of hair on your hairbrush or on your clothes, don’t panic. But, if your hair is falling off in clusters, it is time you should start considering going for a solution.


HairFall Treatment

Do you find yourself using anti-hair fall shampoos that have been to no avail since a long time? Are you worried that you may get bald because of the continuous hair fall you are facing? Do you need a solution? Well, you have come to the right place! We offer various hair fall treatments that are suitable for you. We offer these treatments only after a very careful diagnosis of your hair and scalp, so that we are sure about the causes because of which you are facing the problem and suggest what is best for you. We offer all kinds of treatment that you may require to prevent hair loss, from oral medications, to hair transplants, to laser therapies. And all these treatments are done using the most advanced, best-in-class technologies.

So, don’t stress about your falling hair, because that will just make them fall more. Just come in for the solution and make your dream of having those voluminous hair a reality!

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