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Different Cosmetic Treatments that Can Help Fight Skin Aging

Human skin is the protective barrier that separates our body from the external environment. Our skin helps us by preventing dehydration and direct exposure with microorganisms that can cause infection. Our skin also plays an important role in our appearance and helps to radiate a positive impact on people and to make our personality.   

Although like everything else in this world, our skin ages as well. And this process of aging stars from the moment of our birth. As the process of aging is absolute truth and our skin is the most voluminous part of our body. With time it starts to show signs of aging that make the skin look pale, dry, and soggy. It is why a lot of people and especially females spend a lot on different cosmetic dermatology treatments to help their skin to reverse the effects of aging. There some very effective and safe anti-aging treatments available, but before knowing them, let’s first see what skin aging is.       

Different Types of Skin Aging  

Skin aging is a universal and natural process, and we all have to face it. This process involves the formation of new skin cells that replaces the old and weak cells. In our youth, this process of production and replacement is quite equal and happen simultaneously. But as we age, this process becomes slow, and the number of newly produced cells decreases. This decrease of speed can be natural, in which case it is called the intrinsic aging or caused due to some exposure and skin damage, in which case it is called the extrinsic aging. And it can happen due to hormonal changes or poor habits, let’s learn about them   

  • Intrinsic Aging  

It is the type of skin aging that happens due to natural reasons. It can cause the skin to get pale, dry, and lose elastin. And because of this, wrinkles and fine start to appear.  

  • Extrinsic Aging    

It is the type of skin aging that happens due to various reasons such as overexposure to UV light and an unhealthy lifestyle. It can cause the skin to get develop pigmentation, and this also reduces skin elasticity.    

  • Aging Due to Hormonal Changes    

Hormones are the substances present in our body that helps in regulating various body functions. As we know that our skin is a hormone-dependent organ, and hormonal changes can cause it. Internal hormonal changes during menopause can make the dry and decrease the production of collagen. It ultimately leads to skin aging.   

Different Treatments That Can Help Fight Skin Aging  

Now that we have seen different ways of how skin ages and what are the factors that affect it’s aging, now it is time for us to see some cosmetic treatments that can help in slow down aging and reversing the process.   

  • Wrinkle Reduction Laser Treatment  

Wrinkle reduction laser treatment is a cosmetic treatment that helps the skin in many different ways. It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in collagen production, and it makes the skin smoother and glowing. And it also helps in reducing pigmentation and impurities for the skin.   

In this treatment process, a non-ablative laser is used, which is a type of non-invasion laser. As the treatment begins, the targeted skin is placed under the laser. In time the skin absorbs the heat from the laser, and this provides energy to the skin cells. After a few minutes, this energy triggers the production of collagen, which then helps in the formation of new skin cells. This treatment speeds up the skin regeneration cycle and reduces aging effects.    

  • Dermal Filler Treatment  

Dermal filler treatment is also an effective and quite popular cosmetic treatment that is used for anti-aging. It helps in making the smoother, hydrated, and glowing. It also helps in filling the gaps between skin tissue created by acne scars and other skin diseases.   

In this treatment process, a chemical substance is used, which is injected directly in the skin layer and skin folds. These chemicals help the skin by providing structural support and help in natural collagen production. The effects of these chemicals vary depending on the condition and type of chemical uses.   

  • Collagen Induction Therapy  

The primary reason of skin aging is that with time, the production of collagen gets slow, which slows down the formation of new skin cells. So with treatment like collagen induction therapy, you can trigger the production of collagen that helps in the formation of new skin cells.   

This treatment is performed with the help of tools like needled pin roll. When the pin roll is rolled against the skin, it creates microscopic punctures in the skin. To treat these punctures, the immune system starts producing an excess amount of collagen, and like the production of fresh collagen begins.      


These are some of the common cosmetic dermatology treatments that can be used to reverse the aging process, treat premature aging, and to make skin fresh, glowing, and moistured. All of these treatments are quite beneficial, but you should always remember that before going for any treatment, consult with a dermatologist, and plan the treatment properly. It will help in reducing any chance of side-effects or infection and will help you enjoy the result of your treatment completely.   

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