Dilated/Enlarged Pores

Laser Treatments for Dilated/Enlarged Pores

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Our skin consists of millions of pores that are responsible for keeping the skin healthy. These pores help the sebum from sebaceous glands to come up and keep the skin moisturized. However, sometimes due to excessive sebum production these pores become clogged and tend to appear bigger. Also, with age, the skin cells lose their elasticity and make the pores enlarged. These enlarged pores later become a cause for acne and such other skin problems. So, as much as the presence of these pores matters, their enlargement is something that no one ever wants to happen to their skin.

Although these pores do not affect the health of a person in any manner, they can drastically change a person’s quality of life. The enlarged or dilated pores do not look good on the skin. They sometimes appear as big holes in the skin and affect a person’s appearance to a great extent. So, a person might want to stop coming out amongst people and cut off from the social ties. But, thanks to medical science, there are ways to treat these enlarged pores.


Treatment Options

Self-treatment and homecare can help you to a great extent if you have enlarged pores due to excessive sebum production. Proper cleansing and exfoliation of skin will prevent the oil coming up on the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. However, if age is a factor or your skin quality is deteriorating, treating these pores at home can be a difficult task.

There are various treatment options available from topical and oral treatments to dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Laser treatments have come as a new era of treatment for dilated pores. Laser treatments work by exfoliating the skin and inducing collagen production. Collagen will make the skin smooth and tight and reduce the appearance of the pores.

There are many ablative as well as non-ablative methods of laser treatments that are extensively used by the doctors.


Intensed Pulse Light

The treatment is provided using a wand-like, laser emitting device. Intensely focused beams of laser light are made to fall on the skin. This induces collagen production and reduces the appearance of the pores. It also helps to even out the skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation.


Fractional Laser Therapy

The therapy works by targeting a small section of skin at one single instance of time. The laser beam is divided into many microthermal treatment zones, in which the laser beam attacks the old collagen cells, destroys them and stimulates the production of new collagen cells. The new collagen cells are healthier and keep the skin tight, thus reducing the appearance of the pores.


Low Level Laser Therapy

This is a new form of laser therapy which works without any heat. It can be called as a cold laser therapy. It repairs the skin and its uneven texture by inducing natural healing response within the skin. This healing response promotes cellular renewal and collagen synthesis which in-turn improves the skin texture and makes the pores smaller. It is a very effective technique to treat long, persisting dilated pores.


Other Non-Ablative Laser Treatments

While the ablative treatments work by removing the upper layers of the skin, non-ablative treatments work without causing any damage to the skin surface. It is directly targeted to the dermal tissue to enable collagen production and reduce pores. Pore Refining Laser works in this manner. The laser activates the collagen and elastin production and makes the skin softer, smoother and reduces the size of the pores so that they are not visible to the naked eyes.

All these laser therapies work very effectively in reducing the size of your pores. The major advantage of these laser therapies is that they are minimal invasive and require little or no down-time. These therapies give you fast results without much cost and efforts. You only have to be careful about the after cares like not exposing the skin to sunlight a few days after the treatment and using sunscreens.

We have all these laser therapies at Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic. We perform them using the best and most advanced technologies. We also first examine your skin thoroughly to determine which laser treatment will be most effective for you. We have years of experience in the field and we provide the best skin solutions to our clients.

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