Trichoscopy: Easing the Diagnosis of Hair and Scalp Disorders


What is Trichoscopy?

Trichoscopy is a diagnostic procedure based on dermoscopy. It is used to evaluate hair and scalp and diagnose various hair and scalp disorders. It is performed by observing the hair and scalp under a magnifier and light, using a manual or a video dermoscope. The magnification can be many fold, from 10-fold to 70-fold magnification. It is a very simple and non-invasive technique that aims at diagnosing the hair or scalp disorder by studying and evaluating their structures. This technique has helped the dermatologists big time in the sense that it has eliminated the need for biopsies. Even when a biopsy is needed, trichoscopy is helpful in identifying the exact site for biopsy, so that the biopsy may provide accurate results. Trichoscopy has substantially improved the diagnostic abilities for the doctors and has aided in providing early and effective treatments.


Effectiveness of Trichoscopy

However, the effectiveness of the diagnosis depends upon how accurately the doctor studies the hair and scalp structures. If the dermatologist does not correctly understand the significance of the structures shown by trichoscopy, and makes any erroneous interpretations, the whole objective of the procedure shall fail. Also, a clinical context is necessary. If the patient is diagnosed without any clinical context, with dermoscopy alone, trichoscopy will give less accurate results. So, precision, experience and expertise are a must for performing trichoscopy, so that best results are obtained.


The Procedure We Follow

We have the most advanced technologies and latest equipments for conducting the procedure. We keep on upgrading our equipments and technologies along with the advancements in the trichoscopic procedures, as trichoscopy is an evolving subject and the procedure is making continuous improvements. With us, you are also off the risk of the diagnosis going wrong. Trichoscopy is opted to achieve high levels of accuracy, and we achieve that with the expertise and experience we have. Our specialists are knowledgeable and have an in-depth understanding of every kind of hair and scalp structures. They make precise and unambiguous interpretations, carry on the most accurate diagnosis and offer you the best treatments.

An early, easy and accurate diagnosis always leads to effective and satisfactory treatments. So, if you are facing any trouble with your hair and scalp, trichoscopy is the solution for you!

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