Everything You Should Know About Oily Skin

Having oil on our skin is a natural process through which the skin cleans itself. In this process, the skin oil absorbs all the impurities from the skin surface and flushes it out from the body. Skin oil also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. But a lot of time people experience that their skin over oily and this can cause embarrassment and loss of self- confidence.    Read More

A Comparison Between Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

The term dermatology is not new, and in fact, studies show that in ancient Egypt and India, a range of treatments was performed, which resembles a lot like modern-day dermatology treatments. Generally, these treatments are associated with skin treatments in which a specific procedure is performed to either treat some skin related disease or for making a cosmetic improvement.  Read More

A Comparison between Skin Lightening and Body Polishing Treatment

For a long time, people have been searching for a way to make their skin appear lighter and whiter. Many skin care products have been introduced for the purpose, but none of them have long-lasting results. But now we have treatments like skin lightening and body polishing which provide longer-lasting results. But in order to select the treatment which best suits you, you need to compare both of the treatments.  Read More

Psoriasis: A Chronic Disease Caused by Abnormality of Immune System

Psoriasis is considered as a long term chronic disease that is caused by an abnormality of the immune system. It is a common type of skin condition in which the immune system speeds up the formation of new skin cells that starts to grow rapidly on the surface. The extra amount of the skin forms a scaly and patches, which causes irritation and itchiness.  Read More