Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin Treatments: For All Your Dermatological Concerns

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Lasers have wide applications. They are used in almost every industry and the medical industry has known to make the most of lasers, especially in dermatology. Almost every skin problem, skin disease, hair problem, nail infection, can be treated with a laser treatment. Read further to know what wonders lasers can do in medical science.


Laser Toning

If you are someone having skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation and looking for something that can tone your skin, laser skin toning is where your search ends. It is great to tone your skin and treat your pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, giving you a better, softer, smoother, fairer, more even looking skin.


Oily Skin Treatment

While some oil is necessary over the skin, excess of it is a problem. Oily skin can lead to many other skin problems such as acne and pimples. Laser treatments calm down the sebaceous glands and control excessive sebum production thus relieving you of your oily skin problem.


Scar Reduction

Scars which can be caused due to injury, acne, or illness pose as a cosmetic defect and do not look good for your physical appearance. With laser treatments, you can effectively reduce the appearance of scars as lasers penetrate the skin and induce collagen production which fill up the scars and make their appearance go from the face and other body parts.


Hollywood Laser Treatment

This is a complete packaged treatment for skin rejuvenation. It combines peeling with it and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, and blemishes on the skin. It works as an anti-aging treatment and leaves you with a glowing and shining skin.


Dilated Pore Treatment

Sometimes, due to excessive sebum production, the pores in our skin become clogged and appear bigger. Such enlargement of skin pores is known as dilated pores. They appear as hole in the skin and later on serve as a cause for acne. Laser treatments remove these dilated pores by controlling sebum production and inducing collagen production to fill up the pores.


Dark Circle Treatment

Your eyes become baggy, puffy, and develop dark circles due to excessive strain, lack of sleep, and other reasons. The dark circles are nothing but appearance of blood vessels due to thinning of the skin. Laser treatments reduce the appearance of dark circles by inducing collagen production to make the skin healthier and tighter.


Tattoo Removal

We sometimes get tattoos in excitement and later regret them and wish we had not got them done in the first place. You can have this wish fulfilled with laser treatments. Lasers are very effective in breaking the ink of the tattoos and clear them off your skin in no time. You can have your permanent tattoo removed with a laser treatment in as less as three sessions.


Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall is a big problem for people today keeping them in the fear of going bald. Laser treatments are there to relieve you of your fears and help you have a head full of hairs by stimulating the hair follicles for hair growth. It also helps make your hair stronger and thicker.


Nail Infection Treatment

Nails can get easily infected with fungus and bacteria and these infections are painful and uncomfortable. Laser treatments penetrate the nail and clear off the fungus and bacteria lurking beneath the nail bed thereby relieving you of your infections.

Laser Treatments are a great way to relieve your dermatological and aesthetic problems. We offer all these laser treatments with great precision and safety keeping in mind that you do not face any side effects from the treatments. Our focus is to promote good health and keep our patients happy and satisfied.

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