Leucoderma/ Vitiligo Treatment: No More White Spots

Vitiligo Treatment_Mayra

Leukoderma or Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, which is characterized by a skin condition where the skin starts losing its natural color and forms white patches due to pigmentation. The causes of the disease are still unknown, but it’s mostly considered to occur due to autoimmune disorders where the body cells start fighting and killing the melanin cells of the body. The condition, although is painless, but it is not just physical pain that matters. The mental and psychological pain that a person goes through is much more devastating. Leukoderma is one such condition that makes a person go through extreme mental agony, leading to loss of confidence, loss of self-esteem, depression and suicidal tendencies. Furthermore, this mental agitation can worsen the skin condition. So, it is important to treat this condition at the earliest.


Vitiligo Treatment

It has been believed since long that there as such exists no treatment for Vitiligo. But this is just a myth. The fact is, there is no cure for the disease as of now, but the disease can surely be treated using creams, oral medications, phototherapy and surgery, to reduce the effects and control it from spreading further.

The patient must use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to prevent the pigmentation of depigmented skin or tanning of skin. It shall also be helpful in preventing agitation from sunburns. There are various medicines that can be prescribed to control the immune disorders. There are procedures to restore body color through spot treatments. The patches can be darkened by exposing them to UV light at a clinic under medical supervision, or alternatively, skin lightening can be considered to lighten the color of skin to that of patches. People with light skin tone can use makeup and coverups as well.

Other than this, there are some home remedies such as using babchi seeds and leaves, taking a proper balanced diet, because sometimes gastric disorders are also a reason for the situation. However, the disease does require a thorough diagnosis and medical care. The patient goes not just through the physical disorientation of the skin, but it leads the patient to various psychological pressures too and the patient needs support and counselling to get through all of it. A doctor can best explain the situation and give the patient a confidence that he/she shall be treated with best possible methods. And we are here to provide you just this!

We offer the diagnosis and the help you need to save the situation. We understand that this condition of Leukoderma is very depressing and makes it difficult for the victim to lead a normal life and we care for people. So, we here, at Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic, offer you with the best possible treatments using advanced technologies giving very effective results.


When shall you consider going for a diagnosis?

The only symptoms for the disease are appearance of white spots and patches on the skin. So, even if you encounter the slightest of such spots or patches, you must consider consulting a doctor, because an early diagnosis will always mean an early and more effective solution. Vitiligo treatments are most effective on newly formed patches. As for the patches and spots that have been there for long, will take a longer time to be treated. So, if you find any such situation with yourself, run down to a doctor without any delay or ignorance.

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