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All of us have had some or the other injury at some point of time in our life. When an area of the skin gets injured, by a cut or a burn or otherwise, the skin starts producing collagen to heal that injury. This collagen production leads to formation of scab to prevent infections. Once the skin is healed, this scab falls off. But often, the new skin formed beneath that scab is either lighter or darker than the normal skin tone. Or it so happens that the skin gets raised due to excessive collagen production. These imperfections appear as a scar or a raised scar which does not look and feel good over the skin.


Laser Treatment: How can it Help?

Laser treatment have been extensively used for scar reduction because of the positive results they give without causing any side effects or pain during the treatment. It works by exposing the affected area of skin to a constant beam of laser light. The laser abrades the upper damaged areas of skin and the inner healthy skin shows up. It also penetrates deep into the skin, induces healthy collagen production and makes skin healthy and tight.

However, one thing that must be understood here is that laser treatments do not remove your scars. They only reduce their appearance by replacing the affected skin with a healthier skin through your natural body processes. But it is a very effective procedure and when performed by a professional expert, it gives dramatic results that most patients seek. It works as if the scar was never there.

There are many methods that can be used for the treatment such as laser resurfacing through carbon peels and erbium peels, fractionated laser resurfacing or other non-ablative laser resurfacing methods.


Cautions Relating to the Treatment

There are certain things that need to be taken care of before starting with the laser treatment. You will have to be a little more careful and maybe make some little changes to your lifestyle. For instance, if you smoke, you will have to quit that at least two weeks before the doctor can start with your sessions. Any kind of oral or topical medications that contain retinol or glycolic acids must be avoided. A proper sun protection before and after treatment is a must.

You must also take a proper medical consultation before you start with the treatment. You need to thoroughly discuss with your doctor about any other medications that you are taking, because you might need to stop them for treatment. Your doctor should clearly know all your medical history because there are certain factors that render a person unsuitable for the treatment, like, light sensitivity or intake of blood thinners. Also, if you get cold sores, mention that so that the doctor may give you antibiotics to prevent the cold sore situation.

If any doctor proceeds without such consultation, you must take it as an indication that you are not at the right place for the treatment.

Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic provides one of the best laser treatments for scar reduction which work wonders for your skin. We use the most advanced technologies and latest equipments which are very safe and cause minimal side effects. We have experts who provide you a proper medical consultation and proceed further only if the find the treatment suitable for you after the consultation. We care for our patients and provide them only what is best for them.

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