Onychoscopy: A Dermatoscopy of Nails and Its Components


Nails are a very small unit of our body. But these small units can be affected by millions of disorders, which are difficult to diagnose. There is a lack of diagnostic abilities when it comes to examining the nails. Simple physical examination does not provide the doctor with a very clear view of nail structure. Laboratory examinations are also not very reliable. Radiological imaging modalities, nail biopsies and diagnostic histopathology also have many limitations. In such scenario, onychoscopy has come as a savior for the doctors all over. Onychoscopy is the dermoscopy of the nails. It allows the doctor to examine the nail and its components under a dermoscope and diagnose the nail infections and disorders that the patient is suffering from. It can be done with or without the use of a liquid interface. Usually, first a dry onychoscopy is performed and then later a wet onychoscopy is performed, as a liquid interface increases the transparency of the nail unit.

In the initial stages, when onychoscopy had just evolved, its use was limited to diagnosis of nail pigmentation. However, with time, advancements and improved technology and equipments, onychoscopy is now used in diagnosis of almost every type of nail disorders including infectious and inflammatory disorders. It is also used in nailfold capillaroscopy which is a diagnostic procedure to evaluate systemic diseases.


How is Onychoscopy Performed?

Onychoscopy can be performed using a variety of instruments, such as a hand held dermoscope or a videodermoscope. It enhances the visible nail features and shows up the features that are invisible to the naked eyes. However, there are procedural limitations associated with onychoscopy. The whole nail is not visible at once and the device needs to be moved horizontally, vertically and transversally. Moreover, it cannot completely replace clinical examinations. But despite these constraints onychoscopy has been very helpful to the doctors who are well-versed with the technique and have extensive knowledge of the nail structure and nail anatomy. It has helped the doctors to make accurate diagnosis of nail diseases and provide patients with effective treatments.

We have the latest equipments and technologies required to perform the procedure and the experts who make the diagnosis with accuracy and precision. With us, you can be sorted about your nail problems and be sure about having healthy and beautiful nails!

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