Split Earlobe Surgery: Beautiful Earrings Do Not Have to Stay in Boxes!

Split Earlobe Surgery_Mayra

Everyone wants to follow the trends or have things that are trending. One such trending now for a very long time are body piercings, especially piercings of ear. And to give them a cooler look, people accessorize with earrings, dangles and ear plugs. But sometimes, these things cause the breaking or splitting of the earlobe due to trauma when the earrings are pulled through the piercing hole. Long, heavy earrings are also a cause of splitting of the lobe or stretching of the piercing holes. However, the splitting can also occur in earlobes of people who have no piercings at all. Like we all love to accessorize, people often use clip-on earrings, but if these are too tight, they can restrict the blood-flow, thus causing the splitting of earlobes. And once the earlobe splits, there is no scope left there for putting on earrings and the earlobes do appear odd like that.

But, does this mean that we stop getting the piercings done, or that we stop wearing the earrings that we really love just because they are too heavy, so that our earlobe doesn’t split? Or that, you keep stressing and getting sad that those beautiful earrings that you once flaunted are now just kept in a box because you can no longer wear them? Well, you need not do all this. We have a very easy solution for you that will repair your earlobe in no time. All you have to do is undergo a surgery, that would take 2 hours at the most and you can resume your normal tasks right after that surgery. Yes, you read that right. There is no downtime required for it. There are just a few things that need to be taken care of. We will discuss that later, but first let us discuss what happens in the surgery.


The Procedure – How Split Earlobe Surgery Processes?

The surgery is done under the effect of local anaesthatics. The area around the earlobe is made numb so that you don’t feel pain during the procedure. Then some part of skin is removed to smoothen the area and the split is later repaired with the help of sutures to construct a finely shaped earlobe. The surgeon may leave a small hole for earrings to go through, or you can even have your ears pierced later. But it is good to wait for at least 6months after the surgery. You can talk to your surgeon about whether you intend to have piercings again later, and the surgeon will do the split earlobe surgery accordingly.


Risks and After Care

Now, let us come to the things you need to take care of. We are well aware that every surgical process involves some amount of risks. While undergoing an earlobe repair surgery, there are rare chances of some infections, bleeding or a scar being formed on the earlobe. You may have to use some anti-biotic lotion for some time to prevent these risks. One thing that should be kept noted is that there is no down-time, but the healing requires a week or two. So, proper care should be taken during this period, about which you shall be well guided by your surgeon.

Earlobe repair is a thing and it’s an absolutely safe procedure. Do not let your ears stay dull and empty just because of a split that can be easily removed. You be the master of what jewellery you shall wear in your ears. Earrings after all make your attire look a lot more beautiful. So, enhance that beauty. Book an appointment soon!

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