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Why Cosmetic Treatments Are Highly Recommended

Today we all are aware of the term dermatology, it is a branch of medical science that deals with research, diagnostics, and treatment-related with skin, nails, and hairs. With the help of dermatology, we can now treat several diseases and conditions that were once considered chronic and non-treatable. In the general sense, dermatology is divided into two subcategories with different approaches and advantages. One of them is known as cosmetic dermatology that specializes in making cosmetic enhancements and physical alterations. Cosmetic dermatology or aesthetics medication is a broad field of work that is done with the help of traditional medical procedures and modern equipment such as lasers, UV light, and surgical tools. Cosmetic dermatology treatments are done utilizing both surgical and non-surgical procedures that are studied and researched to ensure the receiver’s safety.     

A Brief Look Into the History of Cosmetics  

The primary objective of cosmetic treatments is to make the skin fair and glowing. It is done by eliminating all the deformities and issues of the skin with various procedures. Although we have started using the term in recent years but as we look into history, we will find that people have been using different products and remedies for the same purpose.   

The first archeological evidence of cosmetic treatments was found in ancient Egypt that is dated between 3000-2500 BCE. That time they used castor oil, sesame oil, and moringa oil to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. They also have found a way of making soaps out of clay and olive oil and used it to cleanse their skin. Apart from these, they have also used milk, honey, and salt to moisturize and exfoliate their skin.   

Ancient Greece was also a hotspot of cosmetic treatments and beauty products. They made their products using natural ingredients like berries, honey, and milk to make their skin fresh and glowing. They also used oil, perfumes, pigments, and dyes to enhance their appearance.  

During the medieval era, people have formed a way of making ointments using animal fats and have used them of cosmetic purposes. They were also using vinegar, flowers, aloe vera, and cucumbers for beautifying themselves.   

The renaissance period was a golden time for cosmetics because, at that time, people started using ingredients like silver mercury, lead, and chalk for making their skin whiter. They also continued the use of milk, honey, and natural herbs for cleansing and rejuvenation.   

Between the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, people have discovered new products and ingredients for cosmetic enhancements. They created a sauna and started using alcohol and vinegar. People started to use egg yolks along with the milk and honey for better results. And different chemicals they were soon dropped out because they cause side-effects and allergies.     

What Makes the Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Unique?  

From the late 1900’s the cosmetic treatments started to take shape to become what we see today. New machines were invented that offered safe skin care procedures. Organizations were created that oversees all the new products and machines, approves them for commercial uses, etc.   

The modern-day cosmetic dermatology treatments Indore are quite different and provide unique ways to help fight diseases and make the skin youthful and glowing. Today about 10-15 million yearly cosmetic procedures are done worldwide in which 85 percent of the treatments are non-surgical. The procedures are famous in countries like the United States, Brazil, Japan, and the United Kingdom. These stats show the popularity of cosmetic treatments and how they have become a common part of people’s lives. It happens because of the different advantages it provides and conditions it can help to fight.  

  • For Anti-Aging: Cosmetic treatments are generally used for reducing signs of aging and people can opt for treatments like wrinkle reduction laser treatment. These treatments help remove unhealthy skin and stimulate collagen, making the skin youthful and glowing.   
  • For Fighting Skin Conditions: In the early days of dermatology, it was used for skin care and hygiene. With the rise of clinical dermatology treatments, we got ways of treating some diseases, however, there were still many diseases and conditions that we couldn’t able to treat. Now, we have phototherapy treatment, which is best for vitiligo and psoriasis. Skin lighting treatment, dermato surgeries etc, that has open new possibilities.   
  • For Hair Treatments: Cosmetic treatments are not limited to skin but also works well with hairs. Today, we can opt for hair transplant, laser hair regrowth treatments, dandruff control, and various other hair treatments for making them shiny and strong.       


Cosmetic treatments have been through a long journey and have evolved quite a lot. From a simple way of skin rejuvenation, it has become a mainstream practice performed on a global level. These treatments are highly recommended because they are easily available, don’t take much time, have become economical, and are very safe. So, the next time when you start to feel that your skin or hairs need something, visit a dermatologist to opt for suitable cosmetic dermatology treatment.    

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