Mole, Skin Tag and Wart Removal Treatment

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Skin is the most sensitive part of our body and we must take utmost care of it. However, at times some nasty outgrowths such as moles, skin tags and warts make way onto our skin. All these outgrowths are usually harmless, and you can stay with them, but you may get them removed for cosmetic reasons, if you don’t like the way they look or feel on your skin. However, sometimes there are chances of infections or spreading of outgrowths, leading to more serious conditions. In such cases, their removal becomes necessary.


Moles Removal Treatment

Moles are usually brown or black colored spots formed on the skin due to growing of cells in clusters. This can happen at any time, between childhood to 50years of age. Although moles are harmless, but they can develop complications at times, the most serious complication being malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. There is an ABCDE guide that can help you determine if you need to take your moles seriously. The guide says that if your mole is asymmetrical in shape, has irregular borders, is changing its color, has a big diameter, larger than the size of a pencil rubber and is evolving in the sense that it is changing its size, shape and height, there are chances that your mole is cancerous. You must see your dermatologist without any delay if you observe any of these five symptoms. Your moles may also swell and bleed in some cases.

The doctor shall diagnose the mole by having a close look at it and sending it for biopsy in a laboratory. If the biopsy results are positive, your mole is cancerous, and your doctor will want to completely remove your mole along with some skin in the surrounding area. The doctor will stich the wound after the removal procedure, however the procedure may leave a scar.


Skin Tags Removal Treatment

Skin tags are small pieces of hanging skin which can appear anywhere on the body due to rubbing of skin or clothes against the skin. These are non-cancerous tumors of the skin. Some skin tags fall off on their own in some time, however most skin tags remain on the skin once they are formed, unless they are treated. There are as such no obvious reasons for the formation of a skin tag. There are also no complications associated with it. So, you need not worry much about having a skin tag.


Warts Removal Treatment

Warts are caused because of a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). It generally appears on the hands and fingers in form of rough, fleshy, white or pink colored outgrowths. They often have tiny black dots. These black dots are small, clotted blood vessels. Warts most commonly occur in children and people with weak immune system as they are unable to fight the virus. Most warts get healed without treatment, but you must consider going to your dermatologist if your warts are painful, swelled, changing color and interfering with your daily activities. Your doctor shall diagnose your wart by observing it and scraping a part of tissue to send it for biopsy for the confirmation of the diagnosis.

There are many over the counter and medical treatments available for moles, skin tags and warts. However, it is best to take medical treatments. Medical treatments involve cryotherapy, in which the outgrowth is freezed using liquid nitrogen. This results in formation of a blister around your outgrowth, which falls off along with the outgrowth in 7-10days.

Moles, skin tags and warts can also be cured using laser treatments or by performing a minor surgery, in which the doctor numbs the outgrowth and area around it, and cuts the mole, skin tag or wart with a sharp blade.

There are also ointments available that can be applied directly over the affected skin. Such ointments contain salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid.

We offer all these treatments at our clinic using advanced technologies and latest equipments. We offer you the best treatment according to your skin type and the type of problem you are facing. Moles, skin tags and warts are not a very big problem, but they can be bothersome, and sometimes risky as well. So, book an appointment soon and get rid of these irritating, nasty outgrowths and have a flawless skin!

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