308 Nanometer Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo

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There was a belief among people that there is no treatment for vitiligo. However, gradually this was proven as a myth and the medical science came with a number of treatments for vitiligo. The 308-nanometer excimer laser is another revolutionary treatment for vitiligo which has shown tremendously effective results. The treatment involves exposing the affected skin to a highly focused beam of laser light of 308-nm wavelength. It helps in repigmentation of the skin, restoring its natural color. It also stimulates the immuno-modulator responses and helps in migration and proliferation of melanocytes.


Procedure of Treatment

The treatment is performed at a doctor’s clinic using a hand-held device. The skin has to be clean and dry during the treatment. The patient is advised to not apply any moisturizers or lotions or other skin medications to the skin before the treatment. The hand-held device is placed directly on the patches and laser beam is focused on them. This makes it easy for the doctors to treat even the small and difficult areas. The treatment is usually painless; however, the patient may experience some warmth on the treated skin. This is usually short-lived and goes after some time.

The patient is advised sessions twice weekly. One of the advantages that excimer laser has over other treatments for vitiligo is that it shows faster responses. The patient can expect results within 6-10weeks of the treatment and a complete repigmentation between 10-20weeks. Also minimal side-effects from the treatment have been reported.

We have the advanced and latest equipments for the excimer laser treatment. Our experts perform the treatment with great precision and give you the best results in an abbreviated time-frame. With the 308-nm excimer laser technology, you can expect to get rid of your white patches soon without any discomfort. So, book an appointment and have your vitiligo treated!

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