Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic Procedures: Get an Accurate Diagnosis and an Appropriate Treatment

Dermatology is a vast subject, and there are many issues and concerns related to skin, hair, and nails. But to accurately diagnose these issues is an issue in itself. You cannot determine the underlying problem just by looking at it because most problems look the same. For instance, it is difficult to differentiate a skin lesion or mole as being benign or malignant by merely looking at it. A careful examination is necessary. Similarly, to determine the infection underlying your scalp or nails, it is vital to make a thorough observation and diagnosis of the affected area. This requires equipment and procedures that are proven to make an in-depth examination and give an accurate diagnosis.Medical Science has come with such diagnostic procedures to ease out the determination and treatment of diseases.


It involves making a diagnosis of underlying skin problems using an instrument called dermatoscope. Skin lesions are observed under the polarized or non-polarized light of the dermatoscope by placing the lesion on its glass plate in a liquid medium. Under the instrument, skin lesion is more clearly visible, in all its layers, and it becomes easy to differentiate between a cancerous and non-cancerous lesion.


Based on the lines of dermoscopy, trichoscopy is the examination of hair and scalp to determine the underlying hair problems. Hair or scalp are observed under a manual or video dermoscope which magnifies the hair and scalp structures many times, making it easy to study those structures and make a diagnosis of the underlying issue.


It can be said to be a dermoscopy of the nails. It is most difficult to determine and diagnose nail infections. But with onychoscopy, the process has become much easier. It allows observing the nail bed and nail matrix clearly distinguishing its different layers. On thoroughly observing those layers, the underlying issue can be determined.

Along with the diagnosis, there are also surgeries that have made the treatment of dermatological issues easier.

Skin Surgery

Skin surgery is performed to improve the appearance of your skin and remove skin lesions, which are malignant to prevent you from the risk of cancer. It is also used to remove skin cancers.

Hair Surgery

Hair surgery is performed to treat your hair problems and restore your voluminous hair. It is most commonly used to treat and prevent hair loss with surgeries such as hair transplants and scalp reduction.

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is performed to treat your nail infections. It requires the doctor to remove your nail and clear the underlying infection. In some cases, the complete nail matrix is also removed along with the nails in order to stop further nail growth.

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