Welcome to Mayra’s Clinic

Mayra’s clinic has started its journey in the year 2018 with the vision to make people fall in love with their flawless skin and aesthetics. With latest and advanced medical technology and facilities Mayra’s clinic is located in the cleanest city of India i.e. Indore. Dr. KL Partidar one of the leading Dermatologist and consultant in Madhya Pradesh set Up Mayra’s clinic after his 12 year of professional journey to fullfill everyone’s desire to have beautiful skin and gorgeous hairs. In a very short span of time Dr. KL and Patidar and his team of experts gave rebirth to beauty of thousands of Patient.

Why Us

Our Patients choose us because we provide bona fide treatments, deliver unmatched results and offer technological advanced treatments. From last year our approach to treat our patients has transformed thousands of lives. We understand the value of your skin and hairs, we design a solution that works for you. At Mayra’s skin clinic we offer treatment must bring smile to your face.

  • Best in class technologies and treatments
  • A team of highly experienced doctors
  • 100% customers satisfaction
  • A wide range of treatments

Our Team

Our team consist of highly qualified, experienced dermatologist, therapist, skin and hair specialist, who have brought life back to thousands of people’s skin,hair and nails around the country. We work together as a team with a mission to provide great care and well being to every individual.

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