Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment: What Options You Have in Store to Treat Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that forms red patches with silvery-white flakes over the skin. Such a condition happens because of cell production in abnormal numbers. New cells are formed at a much greater pace than the old cells are destroyed. This makes the old cells appear as those patches and flakes on the skin. Such a condition has severe effects over the patient, both physically as well as psychologically. Not only the patches are painful and discomforting, but they also affect the social life of the person making the patient go low on confidence and self-esteem and cutting off from the people around. So, the disease needs a prompt treatment to relieve the patient of the pain as well as the mental agony about the way they look. And there are a number of treatment options in store for you which are efficacious in treating and controlling your psoriasis.

Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Medical Treatments

There are many medical treatments available in the form of topicals, pills, and shots which can effectively treat psoriasis. Topicals are creams, gels, and ointments, which are to be applied directly over the affected area. The skin absorbs these topicals, and then they perform their action to treat the problem and keep it in control. There are many topical treatments which can be used, such as corticosteroids, retinoids, coal tar, anthralin, vitamin D analogues, etc., to treat the problem. All these ointments help with reducing the redness, inflammation, and itching in the patches. They also do some actions for reducing cell growth. However, they are effective in treating only mild to normal psoriasis.

For severe psoriasis treatment, you will have to move to further treatments in combination with the topical ones. They can be oral treatments given using pills, or you might be given shots. Retinoids, methotrexates, and cyclosporin are used for these systemic treatments. They suppress and stop the abnormal actions of the immune system and are helpful in reducing the excessive cell growth. But such treatments are to be used with caution after checking the complete medical history of the patient and ensuring that the medications will not cause any severe side effects.

Biologic Treatment

Biologics are living cells converted into proteins in a laboratory. These laboratory prepared drugs are then supplied to the body with the help of injections or IV infusion. These treatments work by blocking the actions of the immune system. As soon as these actions are blocked, there is no more abnormal cell production within the body, and no patches are formed further. And the patches already existing vanish in some time with the effects of the treatment. There are many biologic drugs which are approved by the FDA, and you can use any of them. However, it is a trial and error procedure to be performed to determine which one works the best for you. You can keep switching them until you find the one that really works for you.


Phototherapy Treatment

Exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to treat psoriasis. The UVA and UVB lights of the sun are helpful in attacking the affected cells and suppressing the immune system functions. However, moderate to severe psoriasis cannot be treated with normal sun exposure, because it needs a higher focus of the UVA and UVB lights over the affected area which cannot be easily provided by the sun. Phototherapy treatments are used to treat such moderate to severe psoriasis. The patient is exposed to UVA or UVB light in a phototherapy chamber where the light is focused directly onto the treatment area to show faster and better results. The treatment is usually combined with medicines such as psoralen, which is a light sensitizing medication to help with better absorption of light and show better results.

We offer all these treatments at our clinic using the best technologies and latest equipment. With these treatments, you can effectively treat your psoriasis, and it will really be gone for the good. You shall be relieved of the pain, discomfort, and distress, and will be able to lead a better social life, which you had somehow lost owing to your low self-esteem and confidence because of your disease.

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