Vitiligo/Leucoderma Treatment

Vitiligo is Not Untreatable! You Have Multiple Options to Get Rid Of Those White Patches!


Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease which causes depigmentation and discoloration of the skin. The immune system unknowingly starts attacking and killing the skin’s melanin cells, which are responsible for giving the skin its color. When these melanin cells are not able to survive within the body and perform their actions, the skin is left with white patches at different areas, and these patches give the skin and body a rather wary appearance. However, many people choose to let these patches stay and live with them despite their strong will to get rid of them because they somehow believe that there is nothing they could do about it. But that is not so.

It has been believed that there is no cure for vitiligo, and that sure is true. As of now, there is no way that you can cure vitiligo and get relieved of it permanently. However, no cure does not mean no treatments. There is a difference between curing a disease and treating a disease, and treatments do aim for a cure, complete eradication of the problem in question, sometimes you can take treatments to control a situation too, even when you know that it will not lead to complete eradication of the disease. Vitiligo treatments are one such thing. You know they will not eliminate your problem from the roots, but you can still be satisfied with the fact that you have the situation in control.

How Can You Treat Vitiligo?

There is a range of treatment options from home remedies to laser treatments that you can opt for to treat your vitiligo.


Home Remedies

This is the first thing that we want to try. We prefer to be able to treat most of our problems at our own level, not wanting to take external help for as long as possible, until it becomes necessary. This is the case with us when it comes to medical issues too. Before going to a doctor, we always first try to become our own doctor. And that sometimes works too. You can do that for vitiligo as well. A kind of seed that goes by the name of baabchi seeds can serve you as a home remedy for vitiligo. Regular consumption of these seeds can help reduce the appearance of white patches from your body. Another way is going on a diet. Diet control helps with the white patches to a great extent.


Medical Treatments

If the intensity of your disease is severe, and it has spread a lot, then just some home remedies will not work very well for you, and you will need to resort to medical treatments. There are many topical creams as well as oral medications that you can use. Corticosteroids are your best choice. These are available both as topical ointments and oral medications. You need to apply the ointment at least two times a day or as your doctor may prescribe.

However, when these are taken as pills, the frequency is usually less, say two pills in a week. Moreover, these are used in breaks, to stay protected from any possible side-effects. Other than corticosteroids, you can also use some immunomodulators such as tacrolimus or pimecrolimus that act on the immune system and control the actions affecting the melanin cells, thus preventing further skin discoloration. Calcipotriene, a Vitamin D compound is also helpful with the problem, aiding in restoration of skin color.



The therapy works by controlling the immune system actions. The body is exposed to a narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB UVB) light which induces the skin to produce melanin cells more actively. The increased production of melanin cells becomes so fast that there are always more melanin cells than those that are destroyed. This prevents further skin discoloration and also helps to restore the skin color in the areas where depigmentation has taken place. However, the therapy is time-consuming and can take even up to 60 sessions to show results. But with patience and consistency, you can benefit from the therapy.


Laser Treatment

These are one of the best treatments for vitiligo because they are safe with minimal side-effects and show fast results. The laser is focused on the skin patches using a hand-held device, which also makes it easy to treat even the small areas. The laser works by triggering the melanocyte actions and restoring the skin color. It also works as an immunomodulator and prevents the actions of the immune system affecting the melanin cells. This way, you also have your skin repigmented, and you are in control of the white patches.



This is not only a treatment but can become a potential cure for the disease. It is an invasive procedure that is performed by the method of skin grafting. The healthy skin from the non visible parts of the body is carefully transplanted onto the discolored skin to cover the white patches and induce melanocyte production in those areas. Since it is invasive and surgical in nature, this kind of treatment requires a little downtime, but after the healing, you are good to go.

So, there are many ways in which you can cover up eliminate your white patches struggle and restore the confidence and self-esteem that you had lost owing to your skin condition. And there is a possible cure too. We offer all these treatments with minimal side-effects and using the most advanced technologies and latest equipment. So, there is no reason for you to decide to live with those wary patches against your will. Instead, make a will to get a treatment and control this thing.

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