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Laser Tattoo Removal: No More Tattoo Regrets!

Tattoos have been a definition of swag for a long time now. People love to get tattoos done despite the excruciating pain just to look cool. And some people use them to show their love, pour out their emotions. However, for many, it does not take much time for the excited ‘I got inked’ to turn to a distressed ‘I have been marked for life’. Tattoo regret is a thing and most of the people who get them done face this. But you have got a solution now, all thanks to the development of laser technology.


How does Laser Technology Work?

Laser technology aims to remove the tattoo by working on the ink. Our immune system responses work in a way that they dissolve or remove the fine particles of impurities from our skin. However, the ink pigments used for tattooing are larger particles which cannot be removed directly by the immune system and thus the tattoo stays. The laser works by acting on these ink pigments and breaking them into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then removed by the immune system responses.

However, tattoo removal is not as easy as it sounds. Not every laser light works on every kind of tattoo. The ink color, ink size and the depth to which the ink has gone into the skin determine the effectiveness of the treatment.


Factors to be Considered for the Procedure

It is easy to treat the black and dark blue colored inks. They respond well to the lasers. But the other pastel and vibrant colors such as red, green and purple, that have been in trend may require additional sessions. It is particularly difficult to remove white and yellow colors and chances are that these colors in your tattoo may not fade away completely. Also, larger particle size of the ink shall make it difficult to break them and pose difficulty with the treatment. If the ink is into the deeper sections of the skin, it will need additional sessions.

The effectiveness of tattoo removal also depends upon the tattoo artist by whom you have got it done. It is easy to remove amateur tattoos as they usually contain a single color and do not go deep into the multiple layers of the skin. However, the professional tattoo artists use multiple colors and the ink goes deep into the skin. Different forms of lasers are required to treat these multiple pigments. It also requires precision to reach to the inner deep layers.


Frequency of Sessions and After Care

It will require for you to go through multiple sessions before you can see your tattoo completely gone. The gap between sessions is generally 7-8weeks. Any session done at a lesser gap can lead to side-effects. It requires time for healing and that has to be given before you can go on for the next session. Your skin will get red and flake after the session. You can also experience some pin-point bleeding on the site of the tattoo. But that is a part of the healing process. You must take proper care of it. Do not pick at your skin and apply cream-based moisturizers. Cover your skin with a sun block when out in sun.

Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic offers one of the best laser tattoo removal treatment in Indore using the most advanced technologies. We have the precision that will keep the procedure painless for you and you will never experience any side effects.

Nothing is permanent in this world, so why should your tattoo be permanent? You can easily get your tattoo removed and be free from the regret of getting it done in the first place with us. We offer the best skin solutions to our clients.

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