Damaged Hair? Follow These Tips to Go from Dull, Dead Hair to Shiny, Smooth Locks


Damaged Hair? Follow These Tips to Go from Dull, Dead Hair to Shiny, Smooth Locks

Do you find yourself in an endless struggle to untangle your locks? Does a good hair day seem like a dream to you now as you can always find your hair dry and frizzy despite all the efforts you make to smoothen and soften them? Do you find hair all over the places, brushes, towels, pillow covers, or even the floor, and that’s starting to make you feel paranoid?

Well, hair damage can be a real struggle and it’s hard to fight and move out of it. Hair damage/loss is a long road, and once you’ve gone on it, coming back is difficult, because then, your hair are just a bunch of dead cells, that may or may not revive.

But it’s not impossible to make your hair feel better. Your hair is damaged, but you want to make sure that they do not get worse, and with time, you can also make sure that they are gaining back their normalcy, feeling better, repairing, and becoming shinier and smoother leaving out all the dullness and dryness. That really feels so good to read, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s going to feel better when you would be able to achieve what you just read, and you can do that with just some simple haircare tips and hair treatments.

However, before we can touch on that subject, it’s important to decipher what’s causing the damage. So, let’s talk about that before.

What Causes Hair Damage?

Hair damage is mainly caused due to the damage and weathering outer layer being highly exposed. Outer most layer of hair is called as cuticle. Cuticle is made up of water repelling plates arranged in a regular pattern. When your hair can’t withstand the artificial products or chemicals like dyes, or the excessive heat from your styling equipment, or the dust, impurities, weather, pollution, etc., the hair strands become weak and start to form cracks in the cuticles, and that’s what causes hair damage.

Now, once that has happened, it can become a vicious cycle leaving your hair at the risk of further damage, unless you address the issue and start to take care of your hair to prevent the damage that has happened while also eliminating the risks of any more damage to your hair.

So, how do you do that? Well, you start with paying more attention to your hair and following a great hair care regimen. Here are the things that you need to follow for ending your struggle with damaged hairs.

How to Fix Damaged Hair?

As mentioned, you have to have a great hair care regimen, that’s where you start. Here are the things that you need to take care of when planning the hair care regimen to fix your damaged hair.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

You know that your hair is vulnerable to damage, so, you don’t want to expose it to anything strong or harsh. So, whatever the hair care products you may be using, it might be the time to change them.

You want to switch to extremely gentle and mild products including your shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and everything else you might use on your hair.

This can require a certain amount of research, or even a lot of it, because you need to find the products that work for your hair. You want to get the products that are free from any parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or fragrances, or any other harsh substances.

Using gentle products for your hair will help them revive better and control any further damage.

You must also apply the hair care products in a very gentle manner. Never rub shampoos in the length of your hair, that may cause split ends. Gently scrub your scalp to remove all the dry flakes, dirt, sebum, and dead skin in your hair. Also, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly so that no shampoo remains.

Nourish Your Hairs

Most of the hair damage is caused because you leave them unattended and undernourished. You have to make sure that you are not doing that to your hairs if you want them to stay healthier and stronger.

Make it a point to nourish your hair regularly. A hair oil massage works great for that purpose. The best you can use is deep pressed virgin coconut oil 30 min before hair wash. It has wonderful properties for your hairs. Moreover, a hair oil massage will be a great way to destress yourself and feel relaxed and calm.

Additionally, you can get a hair serum and apply it to your hair on a regular basis so that your hair retain the moisture that they can lose when you’re styling them for a better look.

Limit the Use of Styling Equipment

Excessive heat is one of the biggest enemies of your hair. While those styling products can make your hairs look great for a temporary period of time, they can damage them permanently. So, do your hairs some favor, and keep them away from the heat, and limit the use of styling products as much as you can.

You can leave your hairs to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer every time you wash them. Resist the urge to straighten your hairs all the time. A few waves in your hair can look very natural and great. Moreover, a natural look is always more stylish than any other styling you can do.

See Your Hairdresser More Often

Most of the time, you may tend to leave your hairs untamed and uncut wanting them to grow longer. However, this is exactly what you must never do.

Leaving your hairs untamed is the best way of inviting hair damage. You may think that your hair is getting longer, but you can also notice that it’s getting thinner and brittle, and that it’s got a lot of split-ends.

You have to cut out this damage and that’s why it’s important that you see your hairdresser at regular intervals. With regular trims, you can ensure that your hairs are staying strong and can get rid of split ends. That promotes longer hair growth by preventing untimely hair breakage.

Get Hair Treatments

When you hear treatments, you want to shy away from them. However, hair damage is something that requires professional assistance besides the regular hair care routine and regime.

Hair damage makes your hair a bundle of dead cells and they require proper treatments to revive. What treatment suits you, depends on your hair type and the level of damage that has happened.

If you are looking out for this professional assistance for hair treatments, you can reach out to us at Mayra Skin and Aesthetics clinic. We have the best hair treatments in Indore and have many people moving out with smoother, shinier, and stronger hair with amazing treatments that never cause any side effects.

So, Are You Ready to Fight the Damage?

Hair Damage must never be stretched too far and you must give immediate attention to it. The above tips along with our hair treatments can help. So, when are you reaching out for fighting the hair damage and moving back to your shiny, lively, and strong hairs?

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