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Hair Treatments: For Thick, Voluminous, and Healthy Hair

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Hair makes most of your face appearance. And may they be short or long, what is important is they stay thick and healthy. But things such as stress, pollution, heat, etc., affects our health and make us face problems such as hair fall, dandruff, hair loss, hair breakage, and hair infections. You can save yourselves all the trouble with the following hair treatments.


Hair Fall and Hair Loss Treatments

Hair fall and hair loss is a major problem with most people today, and the major reason for this is built-up stress. Other reasons are lifestyle, habits, pollution, heat, and many more. But continuous hair loss in excessive amounts can make your hair very thin, and you might eventually go bald. Hair fall treatments and hair loss treatments prevent this situation from occurring. There are many treatments that you can opt for. The treatment that would work best for you can be determined after an analysis of your hair and the pattern of hair fall and hair loss.


Dandruff Treatments

The white flakes appearing in the hair are dandruff. These are itchy, discomforting, and embarrassing as well. And while there are many shampoos, gels, lotions, and oils that you can use to alleviate dandruff, they usually have to be tried one after the other until you come to one that suits you. Moreover, they only control the problem and not cure it. For a complete cure from dandruff, you need professional guidance and a proper dandruff treatment.


Hair and Scalp Infections

Your hair and scalp can develop infections such as ringworms, lice, dermatitis, folliculitis, Demodex mite, hair cosmetics allergy, etc., and they can cause problems such as itching, redness, swelling, discomfort, hair loss, etc. You can treat these infections in many different ways. You can have medical treatments in the form of pills and topicals. You can also go for other treatments such as laser treatments. Sometimes diet and nutritional changes also help cure the infections. It all depends on the type of infection you are suffering from. The treatment option depends on the diagnosis you get.


Hair Breakage Treatments

Hair breakage comes in your way of growing your hair and make it long and strong. But you can fight it with certain lifestyle changes such as having healthy food rich in protein, biotin, and other hair growing nutrients. You must follow a healthy and your doctor’s recommended hair care routine too.. And you can go for treatments from the expert and avoid all spa or parlor-based hair treatments involving excessive heat use to prevent hair breakage.

We provide every hair treatment that you need for healthier and stronger hair, and our treatments are performed using the latest technologies and equipment. With Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic, you shall always walk out having amazing results.

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