Dermoscopy: For an Earlier and More Accurate Diagnosis of Skin Problems


Dermoscopy is a diagnostic procedure to help the doctors examine skin lesions and distinguish between benign and malignant lesions. It aids the doctors in the diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. Dermoscopy is used to diagnose seborrheic dermatitis, pigmented basal cell carcinoma (BCC), hemangioma, blue nevus, atypical nevus, and cutaneous melanoma, with the help of a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope consists of a magnifier and a light source which is either polarized or non-polarized. A liquid medium is applied between the glass plate of the instrument and the skin and the examination of skin is carried out. The device allows the doctors to observe the interior areas of the skin, which are not visible to the naked eyes.

It has been observed that dermoscopy has improved the diagnosis procedure to a great extent. Melanoma is more dangerous that the other forms of skin cancer, as it spreads. It can also lead to other complications and become fatal. However, if the disease is detected in early stage, it can be cured with a minor surgery. Dermoscopy makes this possible. It has revolutionized the way diseases are diagnosed. It helps in the early detection of melanoma or any other skin conditions and aids the doctors in starting with treatments in early stages of the disease.

Dermoscopy is better than the diagnosis made through the ABCDE acronym which examines a lesion by simple observation, indicating the chances of lesion being cancerous if it is asymmetrical, has irregular borders, changes color, has a large diameter and is evolving in shape and size. Dermoscopy not only examines the lesion on the outside, but in the inside as well and thus it always gives a better, more effective and more accurate diagnosis.


Dermoscopy Diagnosis

However, dermoscopy is a difficult and tricky procedure. Its effectiveness also depends on who is performing it. A dermoscopy diagnosis will be much more accurate when performed by a specialized and trained professional. We have specialized professionals with requisite trainings, and they are dexterous in performing the procedure. Dermoscopy is a growing subject and it is continuously evolving and getting better. Our professionals keep themselves updated with all the new things about the procedure and we keep ourselves equipped with the latest equipments and the most advanced technologies. We offer you the best diagnosis and assist you further with the treatment required as per the diagnosis. So, if you are having any skin conditions, don’t wait up, call in for an accurate and effective diagnosis!

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