Helping Yourself To Your Eyebrows Using Makeup? Try Microblading Instead!

Microblading for Eyebrows

Helping Yourself To Your Eyebrows Using Makeup? Try Microblading Instead!

A perfect, arched eyebrow works great for the complete appearance of the face. But getting that can be a task. Girls know that eyebrow struggles are real. It is no less than a trauma to go through those painful waxing or threading sessions every few days or every month to get the extra hair disturbing the eyebrow shape plucked off and restore the shape. And for some, their eyebrows are never full. Even after the threading and waxing, they are never able to achieve the perfect shape, because the hair on eyebrows grows in places where it should not and not on the main part of the brows. This gives the eyebrows a very thin, disoriented look. And that is where makeup steps in.

There are many products that you can use to give your eyebrows a better appearance. There are brow powders and brow gels that you can apply on your eyebrows to make them look thicker and fuller. Some people also use dyes to make their eyebrows look darker. Many people also talk of brow oils or other products that can help hair grow on the eyebrows. But this is not as easy as it seems. The struggles of makeup exist. It is difficult to make both the eyebrows look similar to each other. And you might find yourself spending hours in front of the mirror, just to get your look right. And this will be for each and every day unless you decide to skip it and make peace with those not so good looking eyebrows. However, you can help yourself better, better than the makeup and makeup hacks and better than making peace with self. You can simply try Microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading or Brow Tattoo, like it is commonly understood is a cosmetic procedure which can give your eyebrows a better and fuller appearance. It is called a brow tattoo because, in the process, small ink imprints are made to the eyebrows using a needle. These imprints look precisely like hair, and despite the tattoo, your eyebrows look fuller, more beautiful, and natural.

What is the Procedure for Microblading?

Most people start with the procedure by cleaning the eyebrows, but that must not be the first step. While the procedure is simple, it is not for everyone, and it is important to determine if you are a suitable candidate or not. So, the procedure must start with proper consultation with your doctor. You need to discuss your complete medical history with the doctor because the process cannot be performed while you are on thyroid medicines or consuming blood thinners. Aging can also affect the suitability of the procedure for you. It is difficult to have microblading show very good results in people whose skin above the eyes has become very loose due to age. All this needs to be discussed first with the doctor so that he may give out proper and correct advice. A consultation will also give you the chance to discuss your expectations with your doctor, and you can be sure that you get the look like you want.

Once your doctor has determined that the procedure can be performed with you and understood all your expectations from the shape and color of your brows that you want to see after the treatment, the doctor can move on to the next step. The doctor will clean your eyebrows and numb the area so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort. After this, the doctor will use a hand-held device with a needle or a microblading machine to make the imprints on your eyebrows, which match your skin tone and hair color. These imprints look precisely like hair and fill up all the gaps in your eyebrows, making them look fuller, thicker, and natural.

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading can last anywhere between one to three years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Its results mostly depend a lot on the aftercare you put in. You need to take care to keep the results prolonged. Avoid any contact of your eyebrows with water for at least a week after the treatment else there are chances that the ink will fade away. You will also have to stay protected from the sun because ink fades in the sun too. So, use a proper amount of sunscreen every day. There might be some medicines that you will have to stop taking for some time before and after the treatment. Your doctor will guide you with that.

All that is important to have the best results from microblading is to have a proper consultation and sticking to the instructed aftercare. If you do that, you can have great eyebrows, just like you want them, without helping yourself through it every single day. And the best part is, with the latest technologies and equipment, it is totally safe!

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