Everything You Should Know About Oily Skin

Having oil on our skin is a natural process through which the skin cleans itself. In this process, the skin oil absorbs all the impurities from the skin surface and flushes it out from the body. Skin oil also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. But a lot of time people experience that their skin over oily and this can cause embarrassment and loss of self- confidence.   

The correct medical term used for skin oil is sebum, and the sebaceous gland is responsible for its production. Normally the amount of oil remains the same, sufficient for the skin. Still, due to some imbalance in androgen hormone, the amount can change as this hormone is responsible for the proper generation of sebum.  

A normal amount of skin is important, but the excess amount can cause skin problems and permanent damage. There are different effective oily skin treatments available for reducing skin oil. But first, let’s see how it affects our skin.  

How It Affects Our Skin  

One of the functions that are carried out by skin oil is to remove impurities like dead skin and pollution from the skin surface. But the excess amount of skin oil starts to absorb the impurities and clogs the skin pores. It gives rise to blackheads and whiteheads, the non-inflammatory type of acne. This type of acne can get reduced in time, but the problem began if some bacterial infection develops in these clogged skin pores. It can develop inflammatory acne, which can cause permanent skin damage.   

Regular Skin Care Routine That Can Help  

  • Regular Washing  

The amount of skin oil increases because you let it settle in. To reduce the oil, you should regularly wash your face. You can use some skin cleaning products from better results.  

  • Using Sunscreen  

As we have seen, the sun can increase sweating, and this can result in oily skin. So to reduce skin oil, you should use sunscreen when going outside.  

  • Avoiding Harmful Products  

There are many products and remedies available that guarantee to reduce skin oil. Some of them can be helpful, but most of them can damage your skin. So if you want to use some product, consult with a doctor and use products prescribed by him.  

How To Get Rid Of It  

  • Oily Skin Laser Treatment  

Oily skin laser treatment is one of the best cure for reducing skin oil. As its name says, this treatment uses a laser for the purpose. Oily skin laser treatment is quite straight forward and easy to understand. This treatment begins as the dermatologist analyses the skin and determines the procedure. After that, the patient is settled down, and treatments start. Oily skin laser treatment uses a non-ablative laser. This type of laser is a non-invasion laser that doesn’t damage the skin, it just transfers heat. After the patient is settled and oil affected, targeted skin is exposed to the laser. In time the heat from the penetrates the upper skin layers and reaches deeper inside. Inside, this heat reacts with the sebaceous gland and reduces its imbalance. Along with this, the heat also activates skin collagen, which then helps in proper skin functioning. Oily skin laser treatment can take multiple sessions to show results, and in this period, you should follow all instructions given to you.   

  • Skin Resurfacing Treatment  

Skin resurfacing treatment is the process through which you can get rid of the skin oil, impurities, and toxin. This treatment helps in cleansing the skin surface and making it fresh and rejuvenated. Skin resurfacing treatment can be performed through various processes like carbon peeling, erbium peeling, and Hollywood peeling treatments. In the process of carbon peeling, a carbon-based mask and the suitable laser is used. The carbon-based mask is directly applied on the skin surface, and in a few minutes, it settles down. As you may know, the activated carbon absorbs oil and impurities, and this does the same. Then this mask removed using the laser as the carbon particles react with it and burn off. In erbium peeling treatment, the laser burns off the upper unhealthy skin layer and activates the collagen compound. It helps in reducing skin oil. Hollywood laser peel treatment can be understood as a mild version of carbon laser peel treatment. In this process, a mild gel is used, and it removes oil and impurities from the skin surface.   

  • Chemical Peel Treatment  

Chemical peel treatment is another very useful treatment that can be used for reducing skin oil, skin exfoliation, and skin rejuvenation. As its name suggests, this treatment is done by using chemical solutions. But you should not get worried about this. These chemicals generally include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and phenol. Chemical peel treatment is divided into 3 types, which are mild peeling, medium peeling, and deep peeling. The selection of the best-suited type of peeling depends on the skin type and the condition of your skin. So, now that you have understood the treatment let’s look at how it is done. After the patient settles down, local anesthesia is given to him. As it kicks off, the treatment begins. The doctor applies the selected chemical on the skin surface. This chemical breaks down the bond between unhealthy skin cells. It gives a signal to the immune system that the skin is damaged. To cure the damage immune system triggers the production of collagen protein and elastic compounds. It also regulates the sebaceous gland and controls the production of skin oil. After the treatment, remaining oil and absorbed impurities are removed from the skin surface with the help of a sponge and wired brush.       


So, now that you have understood what skin oil is and it affects our skin, you should be able to avoid and skin problems. Follow the regular skin care routines and eliminate all the skin problems at the very beginning. But still, if you experience some skin problem, consult a skin care specialist get a treatment done.   

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