A Comparison between Skin Lightening and Body Polishing Treatment

For a long time, people have been searching for a way to make their skin appear lighter and whiter. Many skin care products have been introduced for the purpose, but none of them have long-lasting results. But now we have treatments like skin lightening and body polishing which provide longer-lasting results. But in order to select the treatment which best suits you, you need to compare both of the treatments. 

A Comparison between both the Treatments for Better Understanding 

  • Skin Lightening Treatment 

Skin lightening treatment, also known as skin bleaching and skin whitening treatment. The general aim of this treatment is to reduce skin pigmentation and to make the skin lighter. It is achieved by reducing the amount of melanin cells from the skin. As you may know that melanin cells are the compounds present in our skin that are responsible for skin tone. The larger the amount of melanin cells, the darker the skin will get and vise versa. 

This treatment is done by using different chemical agents, lasers, and oral medications. Skin lightening treatment can be done on any part of the body. But it is advisable not to do it in one go, but to do it part by part. 

Generally speaking, skin lightening treatment doesn’t have side effects. Still, people with skin conditions and medical history related to skin and hair are recommended to consult with a dermatologist before using any over the counter product. 

  • Body Polishing Treatment 

Body polishing treatment is also known as skin exfoliation treatment. The general aim of this treatment is to remove the skin impurities like dead cells, blackheads, and other impurities that are tough to remove with regular washing. It is done with the help of body polishing agents like creams and gels or with the help of treatments like chemical peel treatment, carbon laser peel treatment, micro-dermabrasion, etc. 

In the process of body polishing treatment, the polishing agent is applied, and with a handheld tool, it is rubbed on the skin. This treatment can be used for the whole body except for the face while going for some cosmetic dermatology treatments it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist. 

Chemical peel treatment is done using chemical agents that are applied directly on the skin and then rubbed off using a brush or a scrub. It removes all the impurities present on the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. Carbon laser treatment is done using a carbon-based gel and laser. The gel is applied to the skin, where it absorbs all the impurities. Then with the help of the laser, the gel is removed along with the absorbed impurities.   

Body polishing treatment can leave scars and bleeding skin as the after-effects of the treatment. It is due to the different processes that are used for the process. That is why it is not recommended for facial skin and people with skin conditions. 


So, if you are planning to undergo some treatment that can help you to reduce your skin tone, skin lightening treatment, and body polishing treatment are the best options for you. But keep it in mind that these treatments can have side effects. That is why it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist and understand the treatment. 

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