Uncombable Hair Syndrome can be the Reason Your Hair Is Not Behaving Itself

Hair Syndrome

Uncombable Hair Syndrome can be the Reason Your Hair Is Not Behaving Itself

We all love styling our hair, but imagine some day you wake up, pick up your comb, run it through your hair, but your hair seems uncombable and it hurts while you try getting it to behave and come to order. Isn’t that like some deadly nightmare has come true?

Well, some people face this problem every day. Uncombable Hair Syndrome is a condition that is caused by mutation of certain genes that are responsible for producing proteins in the hair shaft. These genes get disoriented and change the shape of the hair shaft. The hair shaft takes a triangular or heart-like shape instead of a cylindrical one. The hair does not fall flat and instead grows in all the directions. Also, the hair gets dry and frizzy and its color lightens to silvery blond.

About the Syndrome

This syndrome can develop during childhood even at the minor age of three months, but chances are that you may develop the syndrome during puberty as well. It is a genetic disorder and is inherited from either or both the parents, in an autosomal recessive pattern or an autosomal dominant pattern. In autosomal recessive pattern genes of both the parents carry the mutations, however they show no signs of it and the mutation is transferred on to the child. In autosomal dominant pattern, only one copy of the gene carrying the mutation is enough to cause the syndrome. However, it cannot be identified that from which parent the mutated gene is inherited. There are also other cases, where the inheritance is not due to any of these both patterns. Such inheritance pattern is still unknown.


The syndrome cannot be diagnosed by simple physical examinations. Sometimes, the problem may look like uncombable hair syndrome, but it can be much severe as Kinky Hair Syndrome that affects copper levels in the body and is fatal. So, a proper diagnosis is required by running tests of the blood samples of the affected child and its parents. It can also be diagnosed by examining the hair shaft under a microscope.


There is as such no particular treatment for the syndrome, and in most cases it gets cured with the start of puberty. However, in some rare cases the condition gets controlled with the use of hair serums and conditioners. Serums and conditioners make the hair soft, smooth and silky and make it easier to comb. People with uncombable hair syndrome might still find it difficult. But it is worth a try.
The syndrome can also lead to other hair problems. Uncombed hair are prone to getting oily, sticky and dirty which gives way to fungus and bacteria into the scalp and cause dandruff and lices. You may also experience hair fall and hair loss. So, you may have to go for treatments for these conditions as well.

It is distressing to have such a problem because hair does form most of the beauty of a person. However, there is no curable treatment at present. But medical science is making efforts and researches to find a treatment. Till then, you can wait for puberty to hit and get relieved for it automatically, and you can always control the problem with serums and conditioners. Or you can try being creative with your hairstyles and hairdos!

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