Different Types of Hair Loss and Treatments Available to Stop Them


Different Types of Hair Loss and Treatments Available to Stop Them

Hair loss is a condition in which the affected person starts to lose hair. This condition can affect the scalp and other parts of the body as well. Hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes, some medical conditions, or even due to heredity. Hair loss can happen to anyone, but is it more common in males.  

Baldness is referred to the stage of massive hair loss from the scalp. Generally, baldness occurs due to hereditary hair loss and the age factor. This process can even start at an early age where people begin to lose their hair in their youth.  

Some people chose not to hide their baldness and don’t use any hair treatments for it. Some other uses some cover-ups like makeup, wig, or some covering. And the remaining population chose treatments to prevent hair loss and to restore hair growth.   

Hair loss can develop in many different forms which are depending on its cause. It can happen suddenly or take a while to develop. Hair loss can be treated, but before going for any treatment, it is essential to understand the symptoms and indications of hair loss.  

  • Thinning of Hair  

It is a common indication of hair loss, and it can appear in both males and females. In males, it usually starts from the forehead and resembles the shape of letter M. In females, this does not affect the shape of their hairline.   

  • Patchy and Circular Bald Spots  

This type of hair loss appears as a circular coin-sized bald spot of the scalp. This spot can be smooth and can appear in multiple places. Generally, it only affects the scalp, but it can also occur in eyebrows or facial hairs.  

  • Unexpected Hair Loss  

Sometimes hair loss can be an aftereffect of some emotional or physical shock. This type of hair loss affects the overall scalp and cause hair thinning instead of bald patches. In this, the hair loss can happen while combing or washing your hair.  

  • Full Body Hair Loss  

It can happen as an effect of some medical condition or treatment, like chemotherapy for cancer. It can result in a full body hair body, but in time the hairs grow back.  

Available Treatments for Hair Loss  

Hair loss can be permanent or temporary condition depending on its cause, and its treatment also depends on it. With the available treatments, you can stop the hair loss and even restore their grown, but it all depends on the intensity of your conditions and the type of your hair condition.   

Topical Medication  

If the hair loss is caused due to some disease or deficiency, it needs to be treated properly. It can be done using drugs that can reduce inflammation and can subdue your immune system. Some of the drugs recommended by doctors include  

  • Minoxidil  

This drug can be used without any prescription. It is a proven hair loss solution that can be used for both males and females. It comes as a liquid that can be applied directly to the scalp.  

  • Finasteride  

This drug needs a prescription, and it is a proven solution for males. It comes as a pill that can be taken on a daily bases.  

Hair Fall Laser Treatment  

Hair fall laser treatment is a proven treatment for heredity hair loss and other conditions. In this process, a low-level laser or laser is used. This treatment can be very beneficial and can also improve hair quality.  


Hair loss can be challenging to understand and manage, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. By using modern medicines and treatments, you can treat your hair loss problem. So don’t waste your time any more and start a treatment today.  

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