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Get Rid of Dark Circles in Only 3-6 Sessions of Dark Circle Spectra Laser Treatment

Your eyes are a very prominent feature on your face and can contribute a lot to stunning beauty and grace. But just imagine the same eyes having large, saggy, black bags under them. That doesn’t look attractive at all.  

Under Eye Circles or Dark Circles, as we more commonly know them, are a matter of constant complaint among many people, and they are always looking out for ways to get rid of them.  

The problem is very common, and there is no end to the solutions suggested and advertised for it. Yet most of the solutions you try are not so effective at all. You keep trying home remedies or using under eye creams, lotions, and gels, but generally, they don’t show very impressive results. At the most, you can see the dark circles lightening for some time, and once you go back to your usual lifestyle where you are mostly sleep deprived and tired, or you stop using the solutions, you can see the dark circles coming back. It seems as if there’s no permanent solution to bid goodbye to your dark circles, and that’s pretty ironic.  

It’s also really hard to believe and accept that such a common problem has no permanent or even an effective, result giving solution. Well, the fact is, you don’t have to believe it either.  

Medical Science has thoroughly advanced, and there is nothing that it has left out of its purview. Today, you have solutions and treatments that can help you eliminate your dark circles in just a few weeks.  

The most reliable of such treatments is a Dark Circle Spectra Laser Treatment. It’s a non-ablative treatment with zero downtime and minimal to no side effects. What more, it’s not really long driven. It usually takes three to six fortnightly sessions of the treatment at most to get rid of your under-eye circles.  

How do Spectra Laser Treatments Work?  

Laser Treatments have been a cornerstone in providing an effective solution to many skin issues. They are widely used for acne treatment, hair treatment, scar treatment, and even help with tattoo removal procedures.  

Basically, they induce collagen production within the skin, a protein responsible for keeping the skin younger, tighter, fuller, and attractive. So, as more collagen is produced within your deeper skin layers, its effect comes to the surface, your upper skin layers start looking fuller and younger.  

This concept is what makes Dark Circle Spectra Laser Treatment a successful solution to eliminate under-eye circles. When the under-eye area is exposed to a laser, it stimulates collagen production. Also the Spectra Laser treatment helps to reduce pigmentation. As the skin starts to produce higher collagen levels, it looks fuller and reduces the appearance of the blood vessels in your under-eye area that were causing dark circles. With time, the treatment shows its complete effect, and in a few sessions, you can get rid of the troublesome pigmentation under your eyes that were affecting the aesthetics of your face by making your eyes look tired and reflecting an elderly age.  

What Happens During Under Eye Laser Treatment?  

As mentioned above, the under-eye area is exposed to a laser to stimulate collagen production within the skin’s deeper layers. However, the under-eye area is very sensitive, delicate, and thin. So, it’s important that the treatment be done with full care and precaution.  

Exposing the skin directly to the laser can be very painful and risky as well. So, before bringing any laser close to your skin, the treatment area is properly cleansed and numbed to make sure that you experience minimal pain or discomfort. 

Once your treatment area is numbed, first to protect your eyes we use eye shields. Spectra laser device is used, set at the required wavelength, and then a laser is focused on the treatment area in small patches. The doctor repeats this process until the entire treatment area is exposed to the laser. It generally takes about 20-30minutes.  

Once done with the treatment, it’s normal for you to experience a little redness and tenderness in your skin. It goes after a few hours after the treatment procedure.  

Also, since it’s a non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to experience any downtime at all and can get back to your routines soon after the treatment. However, you definitely need to keep up with the aftercare precautions that your doctor suggests to not face any complications with the treatment.  

Generally, a single sitting of the laser treatment also works on all your dark circles. However, the results highly depend on the patient’s skin type and tone and the patient’s expectations. Considering these factors, at least three to six fortnightly sessions are recommended to have the best results. Also, depending on the skin type, it can take a few additional sessions as well. So, it’s important for you to keep realistic expectations from the treatment.  

Your under-eye area is highly sensitive and needs to be treated with care and precautions. Laser Treatments are highly effective in clearing your dark circles, but you need to keep precautions and patience too. After required sessions you need to continue the home care products as advised by our doctors. And then, with the help of a good dermatologist, you can say, “Bye Bye Dark Circles” in a matter of just some weeks! 

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