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Our skin is one of the essential part of our body. It is because the skin doesn’t only help in various body functions, but it also protects us from various external problems. Apart from that, it also adds up as an asset to our appearance. That is why it is important to know more about our skin and how to make it glowing, fresh, and younger. We humans take our skin and skin care with caution and do anything we can to improve its quality that includes glow and smoothness which is a symbol of health and well-being. It also helps in enhancing our appearance and makes us attractive. However, in the current lifestyle, habits, and external factors, it had gotten quite difficult to maintain our skin’s beauty and youthfulness. Today we have to face different skin problems such as skin pigmentation, premature aging, acne breakout, and allergies that are lower our self-esteem and making us think bad for ourselves.    

Our skin is complex that contains three layers. The epidermis layer is present on the outside and protects the skin from the outer environment and entities. This layer doesn’t contain any blood vessels and depends on the inner layers for nutriment. The next layer is known as the dermis, which is an important part of the skin. This layer contains most of the skin components, such as melanin, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, follicles, etc. Most of the skin problems arise from this layer and need clinical dermatology treatments for the best results. The next layer is known as hypodermis. This layer is not considered as a part of the skin, but a point of contact between the skin and inlaying bones and muscles.    

Different Ways Your Skin Can Get Damaged  

Although our skin is tough and self-sufficient but due to our lifestyle, poor hygiene, bad habits, and external exposure, it can be damaged easily. As we have seen the common skin problems that can affect us, let’s learn more about how it happens and how it can damage our skin.   

Skin pigmentation has become a common problem for everyone. In this condition, our skin can either gets darker or becomes lighter, it happens because of the natural compound known as melanin. When the skin gets darker, the melanin quantity increases. It can happen due to pregnancy, Addison’s disease, and external exposure. Same way as the melanin quantity decrease, the skin gets lighter. It can happen due to skin diseases like vitiligo or the genetic condition known as Albinism. In some cases, skin gets lighter due to infection, burns, and blisters as well.   

Premature skin aging is another problem that is becoming a leading cause of skin damage. Normally, our skin ages from the time of our birth until the very end. In this process, the unhealthy skin cells present in the epidermis layer gets replaced by fresh cells. This replacement is simultaneous, and we don’t normally observe any changes on the surface. However, as we age, the process becomes slow and results in wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It is called natural or intrinsic skin aging. But as our skin gets continued exposure from the sun, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle, we can experience premature or extrinsic skin aging.      

We can say that is nothing more damaging for the skin than acne. This condition has been affecting us for a long time, and about 80 percent of the world population endures it. Acne develops due to the production of excessive skin oil, because of hormonal changes, bad eating habits, and hyperactive immune system, the sebaceous glands produce excessive skin oil, which gets mixed up by the impurities and dead skin cells present on the surface and causes acne. The mixture of impurities and oil gets settled on the follicles present on the surface and clogs them. With time it develops an infection that ultimately results in acne.    

Apart from these leading skin problems, damages can also happen due to skin allergies, infections, and injuries that are not treated properly. These problems start as a condition that affects the appearance of the skin however, if we don’t opt for proper treatment in time, these problems can make our skin dull, aged, and damaged.     

Avail the Best Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments  

  • Laser Treatments  

Laser treatments are highly recommended for treating various skin conditions. Today we have treatments like wrinkle reduction laser treatment that can work very well for reducing signs of aging. It is also helpful for skin pigmentation and acne treatment.  

  • Microdermabrasion Treatment  

Microdermabrasion treatment is a very well-known method of skin exfoliation and rejuvenation. This treatment is done by a hydro jet spray containing organic crystals. These crystals buff the skin and remove the oil and impurities from the surface. It works well with acne, pigmentation, and skin aging.   

  • Peeling Treatment  

Today we have different types of peeling treatments available that can help with different skin conditions. Chemical peel treatment is advised by the best dermatologist in Indore and dermatologists across the globe for different skin problems.   


We can’t say that we are immune to skin problems because we have to face it one way or another. Proper hygiene, skin care, and following a healthy lifestyle will always help in avoiding any serious skin problem or damage. But for treating them, you should always avail of the best cosmetic dermatology treatments. It will ensure that the problem is eliminated, and your skin is back to its natural state. So, the next, you observe something suspicious on your skin, consult a dermatologist, and opt for the treatment that suits you best.   

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