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Everything You Should Know About Tattoos: History, Journey and Removal Procedures

Tattooing is a process that has been practiced for a long time. It is a process in which pigmented ink is injected into the inner skin layer, where it can remain for a long time. The general purpose of tattoos was to store information, show social status, or form identification. At that time, the tattoo ink was developed from natural ingredients and dyes. Now the component of the ink and tools have changed, but the basic is still the same. Just like tattooing has changed and evolved, new methods of tattoo removal also came into existence. With the new cosmetic dermatology treatments, we finally have a procedure that removes the tattoo quite efficiently. But before getting to it, let’s have a look at the long journey tattoo has traveled.

History Of Tattoo  

In order to understand the history of tattoo, let go back in time and learn about the early evidence that has been found about the process. In 2015 a mummy was found, which had about 61 different tattoos spread all over its body. In 2018 explores discovered 2 mummies in Egypt, and from carbon dating, it was confirmed that those mummies were from time 3352 BCE and 3017 BCE. The thing that really grabs their attention was the tattoos drawn on them.     

Many evidence was found about a number of Austronesian people of South China and Taiwan people who were used to practice tattooing at the time around 1500 BCE. For the process, they practice skin puncturing, which is done small mallet and needle. These needles were made from oyster shells, fish bones, and citrus thorns.         

In Europe, tattooing came as the sailors sailed to the foreign lands. On those foreign lands, the sailors came across people who had tattoos. Curious sailors brought these with them and used them for public display and shows.     

In the United States, tattooing came in around the time of 1800s through the German immigrants. At that time, a man called Martin Hildebrandt opened the first tattoo parlor in New York. But tattooing became famous during the time of the American civil war.    

In India, Tattooing was started as a form of displaying art and social status in native tribes. Then as time passed by, it became a fashion and make-up accessory. In the Southern part of India, people used to practice tattooing methods, which were known as pachakuthu, godna, and hachche.    

Different Tattoo Removal Procedures  

  • Salabrasion and Dermabrasion  

For removing a tattoo, people have been using procedures like Salabrasion and Dermabrasion simultaneously. The tattoo from this procedure is done by applying a salt-based solution directly on the tattooed skin. This solution breaks the bonds between the skin cells, making it weak and easy to remove. It is called the Salabrasion. After the weakened skin is rubbed off from the surface with the help of an abrasive surface object. It is called the dermabrasion.   

  • Skin Excision  

Skin excision is another that has been used for the purpose of tattoo removal. It is a type of surgical procedure in which the tattooed skin is removed surgically. This treatment is not that popular because of the side-effects associated with it. Skin excision causes skin infection and leaves scars on the tattooed surface.   

  • Injection Process  

It is another process that has been used for tattoo removal. In this process, a glycolic acid-based solution is injected into the dermis layer of the skin. The idea behind the process is to dilute the tattoo ink present in the skin layers so that it can be removed naturally. Although this treatment is not effective and can cause internal swelling and burn marks.   

  • Laser Treatment  

Laser tattoo removal treatment is a very easy, effective, and painless treatment. In this treatment process, a non-ablative laser is used, and the tattooed skin is exposed to it. As the laser beam comes in contact with the skin, it starts to heat it. This heat is absorbed by the tattoo ink, and as it heats up, the ink began to shatter. After a few sessions, the ink shatters into microscopic particles and vanishes from the skin surface.     


Tattooing had a long and colorful journey, and they had traveled a long way. The tools and techniques used in tattooing may have changed, but the principle remains the same. And with the help of modern cosmetic laser treatments removing a tattoo has also become very easy and assessable. So, now you can get a tattoo whenever you want and get it removed whenever you, without any worries.   

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