A Comparison Between Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments


A Comparison Between Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

The term dermatology is not new, and in fact, studies show that in ancient Egypt and India, a range of treatments was performed, which resembles a lot like modern-day dermatology treatments. Generally, these treatments are associated with skin treatments in which a specific procedure is performed to either treat some skin related disease or for making a cosmetic improvement. 

Right now, there is an extensive range of dermatology treatments available not only for skin but for hairs and nails as well. But because of this, people start to get confused between them. Generally speaking, an average person doesn’t know the difference between clinical treatment and cosmetic treatment. For him, both of the treatments are plastic surgery. So, for clearing the confusion here, a brief comparison between the clinical and cosmetic dermatology treatments.    

Comparison Of the 2 Treatments for Better Understanding 

Clinical Dermatology Treatments 

In simple words, clinical dermatology treatments can be understood as the treatment procedures that are aimed to diagnose and treat any disease that is related to skin, hair, or nail. These treatments are practiced for disease treatment and don’t require severe surgeries or laser treatment.  

The treatment process of clinical dermatology treatments starts with general diagnostics. Here the dermatologist carefully examines the affected area and determines the cause of the disease. In some cased where have some doubts, the dermatologist collects the sample and sent them to a laboratory for further examination. Upon determining the cause and disease, the dermatologist starts the treatments and prescribes medication and therapy.   

Some Common Clinical Dermatology Treatments 

  • Skin Infection Treatment 

Our skin is fragile and can be infected very easily. We can either prevent the infection from growing, or we can treat it with a skin infection treatment. These treatments are specially created to fight the infection and cure your affected skin.   

  • Skin Allergy Treatment 

Just like infections, an allergy can also grow very easily on your skin. And to cure these allergies, you will need the skin allergy treatment.  

  • Leprosy Treatment 

Leprosy is a chronic skin disease in this the cell structure of your body starts to get weak, and your skin begins to feel like decomposing. Although there is treatment available to completely cure the disease, with clinical dermatology treatment, it can be slowed down. 

  • Leukoplakia Treatment 

Leukoplakia can be understood as a disease in which white patches start to appear inside your mouth. These patches may occur due to poor oral hygiene can be an indication of disease like oral cancer. Normally, leukoplakia disappears with time. But in some severe cases, it requires some clinical dermatology treatments.  

Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments 

If we talk about cosmetic dermatology treatments, these treatments are generally aimed at making physical improvements. In simple words, these treatments are designed to change the appearance of your skin, hair, and nail to make them attractive and healthy-looking. Cosmetic dermatology treatments are done using lasers and may require some surgical procedures.  

The process of cosmetic dermatology treatments starts with understanding what the patient needs. He explains it all to the dermatologist, who then suggests the best-suited treatment. Upon agreeing on that, some diagnoses and tests are performed to understand the nature of the skin and hair. These treatments may require multiple sessions where the patient has to visit the dermatologist regularly, and after a while, the results start to appear.   

Some Common Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments 

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment 

Laser skin resurfacing treatment or skin rejuvenation treatment is a treatment that is performed for making the rejuvenated and fresh looking. In this treatment, a laser is focused on the skin, which clears off the skin impurities and starts the production of the collagen compound.  

  • Chemical Peel Treatment 

As the name suggests, this treatment requires a chemical compound that is used to peel off the impurities from the skin surface. This treatment generally uses chemicals like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. 

  • Cosmetic Facial Filler Treatment 

Cosmetic facial filler treatment is widely used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial scars. In this process, a filler compound is injected into the skin, which fills up the gap between the skin tissues making it tighter and wrinkle-free.  

  • Skin Lightening Treatment 

It is a commonly used treatment that is aimed to make the skin lighter. In this treatment, a skin lighting agent is used. This agent is rubbed on the skin, which makes it looks whiter.  


To put it simply, if you are suffering from a disease that is related to skin, hair, or nails, then you require a clinical dermatology treatment. In this treatment, you will be diagnosed, and suitable treatments will be prescribed. On the other hand, if you are suffering from some physical damage or want to improve your appearance. Then you should look for cosmetic dermatology treatment. Here the dermatologist will understand your needs and perform the best-suited treatment on you. 

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