Everything You Should know About Skin Pores Clogging and What Complications It Can Develop


Everything You Should know About Skin Pores Clogging and What Complications It Can Develop

Everyone is aware of the term clogging. It means to get blocked. And when we talk about skin pores clogging, it means the blockage of pores present on our skin. It can happen due to a number of reasons, but one of the most common reasons behind skin pore clogging is a disposition of sweat, dust, and dead skin on skin pores. 

This clogging can be very troublesome and develop different skin conditions, acne, pimples, skin pigmentation, and skin dryness. And at a point, it becomes essential to get some skin care treatment done to get rid of the skin conditions. 

So, What are Factors that Affects Skin Pores Clogging 

As we have seen, sweat, dust, and dead skin is the cause of skin pores clogging. Now have a look at other factors that can affect it. 

  • Air Pollution 

It is the hard truth that the air we breathe right now is highly polluted and even toxic at some point. The air contains heavy compounds like CO2, CO, and other toxic compounds. When our skin gets exposed to these toxins, there settles on the surface and gets mixed up with sweat and skin oil. Ultimately they get deposited on the skin pores and cause clogging. 

  • Makeup and Cosmetic Products 

Wearing makeup is very common, and nearly everyone likes to wear some at all times. But what most people don’t know is that makeup and cosmetic products can also cause skin pores clogging. When you put on some makeup and sweat, that makeup gets mixed with the sweat and gets deposited in the skin pores. Companies have introduced non-comedogenic makeup, which will prevent any skin pores from clogging, but people still need to get aware of them. 

  • Transfer of Skin Oil 

We all have the habit of touching our forehead and cheeks. Also, many of us like to have hair that covers our forehead. But do you know that this can helps in transferring the skin oil from your hands and hair to your face? Constant touch of hand and hairs also transfer dead skin and other impurities, which can cause skin clogging. 

  • Hormones 

Hormone change is one of the main reasons we all experience acne in our teenage. Hormones changes cause these, and the impurities generated from it needed to flush out. The main course they chose to get out of the body is through blood, and they got clogged in the skin pores. 

  • Smoking 

Smoking is injuries to health, and it can cause internal as well as external harm. Now, you will ask how? Well, when a person smokes and inhales the smoke, this smoke gets mixed up with the blood. Now, the heavy particles present in the smoke makes the blood thick, and it causes skin pores to clog from inside. 

So, now we have understood what skin pores clogging is and what are factors that can cause this. But as we have seen, this clogging can also cause other skin-related conditions. Let’s have a look. 

  • Acne 

Acne is the usual skin condition that we all experience in our teenage. And it develops due to skin pores clogging. When our skin pores get clogged, it starts to develop infection and pus. As this infection and pus try to release, it forms bumps, and these bumps are called the acne. Larger the amount of virus and pus, larger the amount of acne breakout, and the only way to treat it through a dedicated acne treatment

  • Pimples 

Same as acne, pimples are also caused when skin pores develop infection and pus. But, unlike acne pimples can come and go and don’t cause much skin damage. 

  • Skin Pigmentation 

Skin pores clogging create deposits of impurities, sweat, and skin oil. Is causes skin damage and ultimately makes skin darker. 

  • Skin Dryness 

Skin pores clogging is not a direct cause of skin dryness, but it can cause due to some of the products and treatments people use to treat skin pores clogging. The use of face pace made from baking powder can cause skin dryness. Excessive use of lemon can cause this. 

Well, there is no topical treatment for skin pores clogging, but it can surely be prevented and reduced with the help of some regular efforts. Let us have a look. 

  • Use of Adhesive Strips 

This process involves the use of adhesive strips that can use to remove blackhead, whitehead, skin oil, dust, and hair follicles. This strip is applied on the face, and in about 8-10, it was slowly peeled away from the skin. In those 8-10 minutes, the strip absorbs all the impurities, and upon removing the strip, the impurities get removed as well. 

  • Use of Charcoal Masks 

Charcoal is considered one of the best products for removing skin impurities and oil. It is because of the presence of the carbon compound. Now you can buy charcoal, ask anywhere and use it at any time. 

  • Use of Facial Steam Therapy 

In facial steam therapy, the face is exposed to water steam. In time the steam starts to soften the skin and penetrates the skin pores. By doing that, the steam cleans off all the skin pores and clogging, leaving the skin fresh and rejuvenated.   


Skin pores clogging don’t happen in a blink of an eye, but it takes time. We can’t prevent it from happening, but we can surely prevent it from cause any other skin condition. Remember, our skin is very delicate, and we need to pay extra attention to it.    

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