Reasons Why Dermatology Is an Essential Part of the Healthcare Industry


Reasons Why Dermatology Is an Essential Part of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has always been one of the most important concerns of our lives and has been a topic of discussion ever since we started looking for treatments and remedies for our illnesses. It is essential because healthcare has a direct impact on our lives, and easy access to healthcare solutions can help us maintain and promote our health.   

Without proper access to healthcare, we have a huge risk of developing different illnesses and conditions that can change the way we live. The modern-day healthcare industry has grown quite a bit and is now offering several healthcare solutions that were once considered impossible to achieve. Now we can treat cancer, we can reduce aids to minimal, and with advanced surgeries, we can even transplant organs.     

The Healthcare industry has provided so many revolutions and advancements to us and has made our life simple and risk-free. We have adopted these revolutions and advancements with open arms and are now using them, but somehow, we are still not completely aware of an important part of the industry. That treatments and consultation options we have for skin, hair, and nail, the healthcare branch called dermatology.     

What Is Dermatology  

Dermatology is a branch of healthcare that specializes in studying, researching, diagnosing, consulting, and treating various illnesses and conditions related to skin, hair, scalp, and nail. However, there is a misconception about dermatology that only deals with skin and illnesses related to it, but it is more than that. Today dermatology is offering advanced laser and UV treatments that are beneficial for treating illnesses and conditions like hair loss, nail infections, skin aging, and various others.      

Subcategories of Dermatology   

Dermatology is vast, and for better understanding, it is divided into four main subcategories. Skin care, hair care, nail care, and diagnostic procedures. Each category has its own importance and benefits to our healthcare and wellbeing.    

  • Skin Care Dermatology  

Skin care dermatology is the category that covers all the studies, research, diagnostics, and treatments related to illnesses and conditions of the skin. What makes this branch so important is the fact that skin is the largest part of our body and covers nearly 95 percent of it.   

This makes it one of the most exposed parts of our body and increases the risk of skin illnesses and damage. Skin care Dermatology provides all the necessary skin care treatments that can reduce and eliminate different skin illnesses and conditions.   

Right now, we have a wide array of skin care treatments that include the treatment of chronic skin illnesses like vitiligo, psoriasis, and eczema. Also, with cosmetic dermatology treatments, we can now make physical improvements and create significant changes in our appearance.     

  • Hair Care Dermatology   

Hair and scalp care dermatology is the second category and covers all the essential functions and processes for treating hair and scalp related illnesses and conditions. It is important to know about these treatments because presently, we face different types of issues related to it, and because of the lack of knowledge, we continue to live them.  

Hair are an important part of our appearance, and for people, they are an important asset to their beauty. That is why when they notice any sign of damage or illness, they rush to a salon to treat it. But salon treatments don’t provide a long-term solution and, with time, damage the hair and scalp even more.   

Hair care dermatology offers treatments for several hair issues such as hair loss, hair removal, dandruff, scalp infections, and severe hair problems. These issues are treated with topical treatments, laser treatments, and surgeries.   

  • Nail Care Dermatology  

Everyone desires to have long, clean, and perfect nails that add up to their appearance. For that, people use different products, salon treatments, and home remedies. However, there are still many nail related issues that needed proper clinical dermatology treatments.   

Apart from our skin and hair, nails are the most exposed part of over body and cover nearly 2 percent of it. That may not seem very much, but in case of getting some nail illness like an infection, it can affect your whole body.  

Nail care dermatology offers the best and long-lasting nail treatments that include treatments of infection, ingrown nail, laser nail rejuvenation treatment, and nail surgery.   

  • Diagnostic Procedures of Dermatology  

There is a saying that “you can’t beat it if you can’t see it,” a simple but powerful thought. A simple explanation of diagnostic procedures is, it is a set of various tests and examinations that are done on the samples collected from the patient to identify and disuse the illness and its cause as knowing that helps the healthcare provider to plan the best course of treatment.    

In dermatology, we have three main types of diagnostic procedures, dermoscopy, trichoscopy, and onychoscopy that are used for testing and examining skin, hair, and nail, respectively.  


It has not been long when we first understood the importance of hygiene and skin care, and from that point, we have come a long way. Once no, one knew that there is a separate branch of healthcare that deals with skin, hair, and nail, but now we have clinics and hospitals solely for the purpose. What we need now is the understanding of the options we have and to actively engage in the procedures. It will not only help you to improve the way you look, but it will also help to maintain your health in the long run.    

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