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Is Your Lifestyle Leading You to Nail Damage?

Our lifestyle reflects a lot on our health, and in a way, it works as a mirror of what is going on inside. Our lifestyle is a way how we live, how we spend our days, work, what diet we take, and how much care we provide to our self. All these things as cluster makes our lifestyle. In the present scenario, our lifestyle is quite hectic and busy. And most of the time, we need to appear the best we can to make an impression or to stand out. These requirements lead us to using artificial makeup and accessories that can easily hide our flaws and reveal a dazzling version of us. But if you do this continuously without any regards, you can end up damaging your skin, hairs, and your nails.      

A Bit About Our Nails  

Our nails are the small, hard part on the back of our fingers and toes that provide them support. They are made from a protein called alpha-keratin. It is a tough protein that can also be found in animal’s hooves, claws, and horns. Our nail has three parts that are nail bed, which is the root or base that is contacted with the skin. Nail body, the pink surface we see, and the free edge that grows upwards. Apart from these parts, we can also see a little moon or half-moon shape called the lunula. It helps the nail to grow. Naturally, our nails appear pink in color, that is because of the blood capillaries present under them. The hemoglobin present in the capillaries makes our nails appear pink through the translucent nail cells. Generally, our fingernails can grow up to 1 millimeter in a week, and the growth of toenails are even slower.    

What Leads to Fungal Nail Infection and Nail Damage 

Nails the smallest part of our body, and usually, we don’t pay much attention to them unless we need them to add an asset to our appearance. By continuing with the demanding lifestyle, we make some choices that lead to nail damage and infection. Most of the time, we apply chemical polishes and acrylic on our nail, which make look nice, but it suffocates them and is a common cause of damage. Exposure to excessive moister is also a cause of fungal nail infection. Dermatophyte, yeast, and molds are common fungus that can cause infection. Wearing tight footwear, the wrong type of socks can also cause infection. In cases you notice something suspicious on or around your nail, then it is recommended that you should opt for nail treatments for fungus Indore because if these infections are not treated in time, they can lead to permanent damage.   

Ways to Identify the Infection  

It is in human nature that we don’t act until we realize that the thing is damaging. That’s why it is very crucial to know what nail infection looks like and how you can identify it. Usually, you can identify it by observing the shape, texture, and color of your nail. In case of damage, your nail can get soft, a split can appear in the middle, white spots can form on it. Nail can also change color and gets blue, yellow, or dark. All these are some common symptoms of nail infection and damage.      

What Treatments Are Available That Can Help  

We should always consider treatments as a last resort and prevent any problem from happening by following the proper regime. But in case of need, you can opt for various available nail treatments Indore that can help. The following are some commonly prescribed treatments.    

  • Topical Medication  

Topical medication of nail infection generally consisting of anti-biotics pills and gels. You can take the pills as prescribed and need to apply the gel as a polish on the infected nails. The anti-biotics work by fighting the fungus and reduces its effects. The gel works directly on the nail by penetrating the surface and reaching the inner layers. However, this medication is slow, and you need to continue it for several weeks.   

  • Laser Nail Infection Treatment  

Cosmetic dermatology has given us several ways of treating different problems and conditions, and if you have a nail infection, then you should think about laser nail infection treatment. This treatment utilizes a non-invasion laser that works by inducting heat. The beam from laser supplies heat to the nail, which it absorbs and transfers. The fungus also absorbs the heat and, due to its intensity, starts to shatter. The laser kills the fungus completely and eliminates the infection. This treatment is fast-acting and very safe.     

  • Nail Rejuvenation Treatment  

Another cosmetic treatment that you can opt for is a nail rejuvenation treatment. This treatment can be used for multiple reasons, including nail care and nail infection. In the procedure, the dermatologist cleans the nail and removes the unwanted or infected part. It helps in shaping the nails, removal of infection, and making it breathable.       


It is true that in the present time, you need to be presentable and look your best, but it doesn’t mean you have to endure damage for it. You can use products and accessories as long as you keep your nails from damage and give them enough attention and care. You should also observe their behavior and must consult with a dermatologist in Indore or someone near you in case you notice something that looks suspicious. It will help you maintain the clean and healthy nails that are an important asset of your appearance.   

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